S4C programmes to continue being available on BBC iPlayer

latest press release from S4C - http://www.s4c.cymru/e_press_level2.shtml?id=3325

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Diolch!! I have put a quote from the Welsh Affairs Select Committee Report of Broadcasting (about S4C) into the topic thread Submitting the petition, update!
Oh @tatjana, please help!! How do I put a link to that thread???

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Here is everything you need to know. :slight_smile:

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I hadn’t realised that it was only a pilot originally. Glad it is “permanent” now (or as permanent as anything like that can be). They just need to sort out the Welsh subtitles now (for those programmes that have them).

Diolch so link is…

Well that was interesting!! I’ve put the whole kit and caboodle here!!
That’ll do for now!!
( I’ll read your instructions more carefully before I try again!!)
p.s. I find it is just a very log link! To read the entire quote, click on the Submitting bit!!

You’ve copied and pasted a link without using Link button so it appears as part of embeded post. It’s nothing wrong with that. If you click on the title of the embeded post it’ll carry you exactly to the post you wanted. You could also link-quoted the post what means you’d go to the post, marked it or use the button “quite the whole post” and then go into this thread to post it in here. (this one is a bit complicated to explain …).

So, either you did is fine. You can leave it as it is, no problem.