S4C programmes in North Wales Welsh?

Can someone please tell me what programmes on S4C are in North Wales Welsh? I’ve been learning for about a month now (and can even say that in Welsh!) and would like to listen to more but I don’t want to risk getting even more confused by hearing South Wales Welsh. I had the impression that most TV programmes were in that dialect.

Garddio A Mwy is great. It covers all of Wales but the main presenters are based in the North; http://www.s4c.cymru/en/factual/garddio-a-mwy/


Many thanks

I see that the series “Stori Pêl-droed Cymru” is being repeated at the moment - the presenter is Dewi Prysor from Ffestiniog, although some of the people he speaks to are South Walians.

Stori Pêl-droed Cymru

Series looking at the history of the game of football in Wales.

Other shows to look out for would be any cookery programmes with Chris Roberts - he’s from Caernarfon and although occasionally there are contributors from S Wales, most of his stuff is filmed in the North.

Any of the ‘Dim Byd’ programmes - they’re mostly (very colloquiallly) Northern.

Not on yet, but coming soon, there is a new comedy sit-com by the ‘Dim Byd’ team called ‘Rybish’; a series looking at archive films (not sure what title was settled on!) starting in November - a mix of S and N, but certainly 3 of the 6 programmes have a Northern base; a series with Richard Holt of Melin Llynon on Anglesey (sorry, not sure of the title).

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Thanks and that’s really helpful - much appreciated.

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I’m not saying these are on at the moment, but look out for -
The series Craith (Hidden)
Anything with:
Rhys Meirion
Elin Fflur
Carol Parry Jones
Nia Parry
Carole Vorderman
Tudor Owen
Aled Hughes

Mid Wales -
Y Gwyl/Hinterland
Iolo Williams

I think that someone told me Round a Round was northern?

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Yes, it’s based in North Wales, and the majority of actors speak North, but there are a few roles that speak south – Barry’s wife Carys, the teacher Dylan, and “Yr Iard”-owner Carwyn and his kids Anest and Iestyn (but not his wife)


Thats interesting Hendrik, thank you. I thought I should avoid it because of the north south differences. I am easily confused! :rofl:

The series featuring archive films that I mentioned in a previous post starts tomorrow night (13th Sept, S4C 9pm) and is called “Ffilmiau Ddoe”. :slight_smile:

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