S4C now available in UK on TVPlayer

Apparently S4C is now available for viewers in the UK on something called TVPlayer. I don’t know what that is, but maybe it’s good news for somebody out there. Here’s the link to the article that showed up in my Google News feed.

S4C goes online via TVPlayer

Good news for me…It looks like I’ll be able to watch live Welsh rugby games - in Welsh - in the future…and some other content that was previously unavailable to me.

I was already using TVCatchup for this, but you can never have too many free TV apps can you?? So I’ve just downloaded it! :smiley:

Have just googled cos I’d never heard of it. Great to be able to watch more programmes because I don’t think everything was available on S4C’s Clic. Thanks for letting us know, Tahl - will be using it a lot esp for listening practice.

Everything is available on S4C Clic, apart from adverts breaks and certain sporting events. I’m not sure if the sporting events will be included on TVPlayer yet, but they did show live rugby on TVCatchup some time ago, so there might not be a problem.

Diolch Gavin - I didn’t realise that Clic showed everything. Actually I did find the ads useful as it was a different sort of speaking and context to the programmes and the ones I saw were also clearer and easier to understand so I will prob still watch via tvplayer.

And there was an announcement last year that S4C output would be available via iPlayer, the BBC’s internet / watch on demand service, as from August 2014. (In fact Pobol y Cwm already is and has been for some time I think).

However, on S4C you get the option of Welsh as well as English subtitles, and I’m not sure if Pobol y Cwm via iPlayer currently has them, so I’m a little worried that the future iPlayer service for S4C output will have them (for those programmes for which they are produced in the first place, which isn’t all by any means).

Mike Ellwood: on S4C you get the option of Welsh as well as English subtitles

Unfortunately, S4C’s subtitles don’t work on iOS nowadays. Do subtitles work on iPlayer content (for instance, their Irish-language material)?

In the [same announcement last year] (http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-23581724) about S4C content going on iPlayer, S4C said its content would also go on YouTube. Has anyone heard more on that?

There’s the added benefit that I can now watch S4C on my telly through the TVPlayer service, rather than in my office (which is what I had to do when I wanted to watch on Ciic). Am watching a lot more programmes this way :slight_smile: