S4C Clic - news of new draft bill

Only a draft stage, but interesting to see what will happen…


Living abroad, I would love to have access to this platform … :pray:.


I guess for us the most interesting part is “removing geographic restrictions to broaden its reach in the UK and beyond”
Especially the beyond! :smile:

Of course, there’s many interesting programmes already available internationally but many are not, so :crossed_fingers:


Echoing Gisella’s hope for reach “beyond” the UK.

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I’ve only skim read this, so please correct me if I’m wrong but this only applies to the streaming services. I would love to see this apply to broadcast media. I have so many channels on freeview yet it really annoys me that i have no access to s4c.

Streaming only, as I understand it. It won’t happen on Freeview outside Wales, sadly, due to capacity constraints - there’s only room for so many channels on the network of transmitters (the rest of the UK gets something else in the space used by S4C in Wales, so they’d have to kick something else off) and there’s a cost to the extra distribution. S4C could, I guess, outbid someone else for a UK-wide slot, but that would just take money away from other budgets. S4C is already available for free across the UK, Ireland and the nearby bits of the continent on Freesat, so, unless you can’t put up a satellite dish, that might be an answer - and it’s something S4C could mention a bit more often!

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I will echo the other folks here in being excited about it being available outside Wales. :smiley:

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What happened to the rest of the article?

The rest of the article? I’m not sure what you mean - the link opens to whole article, at least it does for me (using chrome on a pc).

I figured other people must have been reading something 'cos they were responding to it. I don’t know … maybe my laptop is being anti-Welsh, but I just clicked on the heading again and was taken to the whole article. Sorry … and thanks for getting back to me … Hewlett Packard, there’s twp for you …