Reliable pronunciation audio

After a 4 year break from Welsh (after realising I had no way to pay over the internet for the non-free lessons), I am back and loving learning again. I have just finished lesson 14 of level 2 today and had a good time watching a documentary about tides in Welsh (I understood more than I thought especially as I still can’t understand the speeded up listening practices!)

Anyway, my actual question is:
Does anyone have a reliable audio resource for pronunciation of specific words? When I see a non SSiW word written down, I would like to be able to hear audio of it so I can pronounce it correctly but Google Translate is so robotic sounding that I can’t catch the rhythm of the word.

Thank you!

You can try Forvo ( and there is an app version as well.

Yes I agree with Kehinde-dauda Forvo is good as the words are spoken by real native people of the language I think. I had a list once of 5-6 words which Forvo did not have but I was able to leave the words on the site for a couple of days, then the words were pronounced for me.

Thank you!

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