Regional accents

I posted recently that my next step toward speaking the language of heaven now that we’ve moved to Conwy was to join a Cor Meibion. This has been a revelation as all the business is conducted in Welsh. However, I have just encountered a minor speed bump in the shape of the word for “prize”. 30 years in Wiltshire have made my rendition of the word "wobr " a bit comic. Particularly as it occurs at the end of a line. West Country readers should think Jethro. Ah well, we’ll get there




That was one of the things that I got right when I was learning, too - definitely a hugely valuable step :star2:

…on the other hand, I wonder if some regional English accents might be helpful in pronouncing Welsh words. Obviously Welsh English will help, but in my case I am also thinking of the NE England accents, where diphthongs are not fully merged. For instance, the words real and reel will be pronounced differently in the N.E of England, whilst in the SE they sound the same. I suppose what I am saying is that the NE “deal” is heading towards the “dea” in “deall”.

I have a friend from Cardiff who swears that at university he was the only person on his course that could understand the Geordies, and they were the only ones who could understand him. I think he may be exaggerating, though. :wink:


I think you have a point. When I came to Wales, I was convinced that Cardiff didn’t have an accent. I now realise that it does, but I have a theory (perhaps misplaced) that the Valleys accents were contaminated with the Pitmatic NE England miners dialect.

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I suppose it helps with the pronunciation of the plural of the Cymraeg for “egg”? :slight_smile:


or maybe not, if you think that basged o wyau (wye) rhymes with llandybie as in the old song:

Hen wraig fach a basged o wyau,
o Landeilo i Landybie,
Ar y bont ar bwys Llandybie ,
Cwmpws y fasged a lawr a’th y wyau.

Rather foolishly, I imagined it must be pronounced oyay! (Hence my rather weak joke!)

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It is as well, but less so in the valleys areas that John was talking about. The joke was a good one, sorry didn’t want to put a dampener on it.

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I liked your joke also! :slight_smile: