Re-introduction & skype

Hi all - I wont try typing in Welsh as I’m sure I’d spell most wrong lol

I have been on the forum ages but had a bit of time away doing “Geriau Bach” course - I’ve recently started the accelerated learning course and really enjoy it. I’m not confident at the moment and I still feel my Welsh is very basic but – I have just had my first hour of Welsh conversation and my head is whizzing round at 100 miles per hour but I feel so chuffed with myself :slight_smile: ty Aran - this boosted my confidence :smiley:

I’ve completed the (new) southern courses up to date and listening exercises.
Now I would really like to find some more chat partners - I’d happily chat to anyone - I’m not sure I could manage an hour in Welsh to start with so maybe a shorter period with a shorter mixed (welsh and English) chat after? I’m in the UK - Ill look up my skype name and add it below please feel free to add me - diolch Sandi

skype =


Huge congratulations - for all the work you’ve done, and for getting yourself on the forum! :sunny:

Everyone - Sandi has just finished 7 intensive days on 7 consecutive (pretty much) weekends - in that time, she’s gone the whole way through Level 1 and what’s available of Level 2 on the southern course - a huge, huge achievement - and today, she’s just had her first conversation in Welsh, which lasted for an hour and was extremely wide-ranging.

She’s achieved a huge, huge amount - but now she’s keen to build on the base she’s put in place - and I’ve told her that the single most important thing she needs to be doing is to build towards having an hour’s conversation every week.

So it would be great if some of the people on here who are working on their own conversation skills could hook up with Sandi for a few sessions… :sunny:


Diolch Aran for everything :smile:

Yes I need to practice more because I want the material I’ve learnt to come to the front of my brain instead of hiding at the back - resulting in me thinking I don’t know it (I can hear Aran telling me otherwise :D)

Thankyou in advance.

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I’m thinking that @tatjana may well be able to help you find a good number of speaking partners (including herself)… :sunny:


Will add you @englishchildminder but I’m afraid I won’t be able to chat until next week. Also evenings are my hurs unfortunately as I am at work or on the way from it most of the day. However we’ll negotiate the right time, I’m sure.

Also maybe @seren would be the right person to practice shortenings with as she wants to learn them very well too and she uses them a lot. Or, you might look at the topic Format of Skype Practice and join our conversation group some time.

Well, don’t be afraid of what is written there … we always tend to speak about oen theme, but usually we’re ending up with just general things. What is most important is to speak and listen if you want so and have fun. We avoid using English words but if there has to be any sopken it’s OK. We tend to write not known or maybe forgotten words in the skype message window for all to learn.


Helo Sandi!
As @tatjana said, I’m always willing to practice - and I’m doing the Southern course too:) I have time on Saturdays and Sundays - and Mondays too, in the afternoon, so if that’s good for you we can arrange a chat.


I think that would be a great idea, Sandi! :sunny:


There is also the intercontinental skype group that meets on Saturdays.


Well, sorry @englishchildminder but it seams you have too Skype acounts. Which one to choose, the one with the picture or the one without it?

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Hi all and diolch for the warm welcome and advice/offers :slight_smile: I will look at the format of Skype practice topic after typing this. Tatjana I’m sorry there are 2 of me ( I assure you 1 is more than enough :P) I’ll have a look and see if i can remember details to delete the other me (the current one is pictureless - for now) - if any admin are able to delete the old me please feel free to do so.
I will also look at the inter continental option too :smile:Sorry this message is a bit mixed and not in a good order (and this is English lol)

My ‘free’ times are varied - I currently have tuesday and thursdays free between about 9.45am and 2pm I’m also free (ish) most evenings except a Tuesday. I work a monday afternoon - sorry :frowning: weekends will be hit and miss but i will try to get online - not this Saturday evening though as I’m out.
The next week I may need to change any plans made at last minute as its coming close to 1st anniversary of father in laws passing and hubby is stressed but I really want to chat in Welsh.
I would add that I am quite slow at the moment but feel I will speed up with lots more practice - also even though I have completed all the available material that doesnt mean I can rattle it all off or even understand it all at this stage (not a negative thing - just saying!)

Well hopefully that makes sense and feel free to add me on Skype ty to those who already added me – diolch eto :slight_smile:


I’ve added pictureless you then. I hope it’s the right one.

You should do that on Skype on your own or let their admins know what you want but if you remember details (like password) you have to do it on your own I’m afraid.


hi - apologies for delay - family stuff!!) yes pictureless me is correct :smile: - I meant the other me on here (SSIW) I will look into duplication on Skype too.


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