Virtual Intercontinental Meetup

For a while now there has been a virtual intercontinental meetup advertised in the weekly email. It has been run by Mary Williams-Norton but she has been finding Google+ difficult to use, plus most of the interest had dropped off.

She has asked me to remove the listing from the weekly email for now, but if there is interest in a Sat morning(USA) / Sat afternoon (Europe) virtual meetup, Mary would look into using Skype instead. If anyone is interested, please leave your details here for Mary.

I am definitely interested. I’m not sure that I’m quite far along enough to make for good convo, but hopefully I will be soon!



Same here. My contributions to the conversation will be limited, but I’m certainly interested. I’m in California, so there’s 8 hours difference from the UK.

I’ve used Skype for similar group conversations and it generally works very well. It’s easy enough to use. (I prefer just the voice, too, not the camera.)

Perhaps we could chat Saturday, as was tried before; 10 or 11 am on the US west coast would be early evening in Europe if that would work for people.

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Hi everyone,

I would also be interested in joining in. I feel comfortable using Skype and struggle with Google plus so would be delighted with a Skype format.

I will check in with my chat buddy, Bie, in Belgium and see if she might be interested in joining too.

Warm wishes,

Elkie (the netherlands)

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Depending on the time I might be able to chat, but I’m only really up for voice chatting, if that’s ok. I’m in NYC. Also, it depends on the time and day of week.

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I d be interested - I m in Abergavenny, can read quite well but my spoken Welsh is really not what it should be.

It sounds like we’re mostly in the same boat—more in our heads than we can connect with our tongues, and definitely in need of a chance to try even a fairly simple conversation with others who understand the needs of beginning speakers.

I suggested Saturday above. Would that work, or would a different time be better for others? Enough people have shown interest now to make a good group.

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Saturday would work for me most Saturdays - how are we going to set it up?

If the group doesn t get off the ground I d be happy to skype 1-2-1 on an ad-hoc/semi-regular basis

I don’t know how this forum works as far as sharing e-mail addresses and/or Skype names. Does anyone else know?
[gwych–diolch, Dee]

Now that we’ve got a group of interested people, it seems to me it would be easier (and less cumbersome for the forum thread) to use group e-mailing to establish definite times and be able to add each other to our Skype contacts. Once we exchange information and set a time, I’d be glad to start the group conversation.

I’d also be interested in one-on-one, Huw, but the group would be fun so let’s see if we can get that going first.

Hi Jeanne - email me - - and we ll organize something.

Depending on the time on Saturdays, I would be able to make it at least once out twice a month, depending on how often it was happening. The next few weeks, though, I am moving so may or may not be available.

If everyone in the thread is still interested they can click on your name Jeanne (jeannependergast) where you have written a message, and send you a Private Message with their email address in. It’s a bit more secure than posting them on the forum.


It works! Huw, Mike Sturgis and I had our first Skype session today, and we’ll be talking again next Saturday (May 30) at 5pm UK time (noon for east-coast US).
We encourage anyone else who is interested to join us. And don’t worry if you haven’t had much speaking practice–you won’t be floundering any more than I was, but it’s all part of the learning, right?
If you’d like to join in, please let me know by PM (with your Skype name and e-mail address if I don’t already have them). That way I can have everything ready to go.


Excellent! I’ll give it a mention in the email and hopefully a few more will be able to join in. Diolch i ti for getting it set up Jeanne!


Hi this is Susan in the USA and I’d like to be added to the Saturday morning international group
My email address is:

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Excellent news - many congratulations to you all! :star: :star2:


Since I was interested enough in Saturday virtual meet-ups to take responsibility for them on Google+ until others stopped participating, I would DEFINITELY like to participate in them again. Please add my Skype name, FfermBrynCedrwydd to the invitation list. I have not used Skype in the past, so I would appreciate any tips you can send me about what I need to do to participate. My email address is .


Anyone out there use FaceTime?

I am interested too. My skype is - jenny.white125