Ras yr Iaith - 20 June 2014

The long awaited Rhas yr Iaith is almost on us, and we were discussing people taking part a long time ago (the original race was cancelled).

Does anyone fancy running a kilometre in Castell Newydd Emlyn on Friday evening the 20th June at about 6 o’clock?

There’s more information at http://rasyriaith.org/

Also, there will be a need for stewards on the day (in CNE and throughout the route) so if anyone fancies it, let me know here (for CNE) or let the organisers know in the town you want to steward.

It’s not a competitive race, so as long as you can move at a reasonable pace, everyone’s welcome.

I am so glad this is happening, but at the same time a bit sad I can’t be there to take part. It should be great fun!

Looking forwad to this now - there’s plenty of buzz about it on the web, and in the area.

Remember to let me know if anyone is coming, to watch, take part or marshall.


I’ve emailed you to say I am available for ‘being there’ or being steward

Any chance of organising a walking race for next year…? :slight_smile:

(and it’s easier to talk (in Welsh of course) when you are walking than when you are running). :slight_smile:

I really want to take part in this. I’ll have to see what I can organise. I’ll be round to talk about it before the day. (And hoping to see you Morgs!)

Ooh Dee - yes, be fab to see you too. Been wondering how you’re settling in. Haven’t had much chance to see Iestyn and Cat cos my mum has been in hospital, but will definitely be there on Friday

Hei, great - diolch, Morgs! For reasons best known to Google, your email went into the wrong inbox…

It’ll be great to see you there, and Dee too.

Radio Cymru has just reminded me it’s race day…Have a great time everyone who’s taking part!
It’s a good bet every runner will have more spirit than that rubbish England team last night…

Well, how did it go? I would have loved to be there but was triple booked (Mam’s 87th for one thing). I hope it all went well

Really nice little video just been published giving a snapshot of the day:

Ras yr Iaith 2014 (The Race for The Language)