Rapidity of speech

I am having difficulty with the speed of the lessons. Not the Welsh: the English! It’s all very fast, and when it comes to building up the longer sentences, I just need more time to get my head around the phrases before attempting any translation.
But I have found a solution: with an mp3 editor, I slow down the lesson to 90% of its original speed, which gives me enough time to work out the meaning of the words. Perhaps this may help others.


I’m on my second week challenge 2 and have found the gap for the response too short for me to get my answer out. I end up still speaking over the first Welsh response either that or pushing the pause button in a panic and then forgetting what I was saying. I’m hoping that it is something I will get used to as I’m barely computer literate and everything is very new to me, not just actually "speaking " Welsh. I can still hardly believe it after wanting it for so many years.

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Your brain is coping with a lot of new things initially - not just the new language, but the learning methodology, and forcing the auditory part of your brain to work harder processing what you’re hearing in English with no context so that you can think of the Welsh. There’s a lot going on, and that gap doesn’t seem long enough to get all that accomplished.

However, as your brain gets used to the methodology and you become more familiar with the Welsh, it gets easier. Sometimes you open your mouth and Welsh comes flowing out, triggered by the English, and you almost wonder where it came from!

Persevere and use the pause button just as much as you need to in the beginning, to give yourself a little more time to complete some Welsh that you’d started saying before the female voice starts. As you move through the course you’ll find you rely on it less and less, and if you come back and run through one of these early challenges later on, you’ll be surprised at how much easier they seem.


I had the same problem with 1 and 2 but now on 3 Welsh words just fall out of my mouth. I don’t necessarily get all of the lovely long English sentences into Welsh before the woman speaker shows up but I did want you to know that progress does happen.

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