Pryd? or Pan

Hi, challenge 7 says pryd as a question, Pan if not. Yet in challenge 8 pryd is used in a sentence “I like to remember when you started” Anybody any idea? Diolch


Because in this sentence ‘when’ is an indirect question.


…a useful technique is whether you are able to replace ‘when’ in the sentence with ‘what time?’ If the sentence still makes sense it’s a ‘pryd’.

Rich :slight_smile:


Diolch Siaron (again :slight_smile: ) and Rich


Very useful - thanks @rich.


In case you speak German: I thought it was just the distinction of ‘als’ and ‘wann’.

So in 7 it is: When (pan) you started to learn. You cannot use ‘wann’ here. It must be: Als du angefangen hast…

When (pryd) did you start to improve? Wann hast du angefangen…

Works the same with your example from 8.

There is a difference in emphasis as well: is the focus on the point in time (pryd), or is the focus on an action (pan) etc.

So the reverse question is also: can there be a parallel action happening?

“when you started to learn you became more comfortable with using the language”. So, there are other things happening and the focus is not the point in time.

As opposed to “When did you start to learn?” The focus is the point in time so there cannot be anything happening here as eg ‘growing more comfortable’


Thanks Jen, I am from Germany but after nearly 40 years in the UK my Welsh is better than my German :rofl: