Problems with Soundcloud

I have signed up to Soundcloud but can’t find a link on the site to make a recording. Also, how do I show it on SSiW forum.
Thanks for any replies.

I was going to say, I haven’t a clue and am getting very frustrated. I recorded using a voice recording app on my iPhone, then Shared it me email to my desktop Mac, then opened the Soundcloud and dragged the file in.
I got very confused when I tried to share as i thought we had to put Aran’s address in and it wouldn’t let me change or delete my own line, with my name in it and the name of the file i had saved; In my efforts to progress I had Edit and Copied that line however and guess what, I just typed Paste in here as my reply and it appeared! I’m none the wiser really and am sure that this isn’t where we were supposed to put it, but I have had enough now. Need a G&T!

What you have to do varies a little depending on what device you’re using. This is the thread with most of the advice in: How to set up and record to an account in SoundCloud

Hi Rob, what sort of device are you using? When I loaded SoundCloud on to my IPad, I couldn’t find a record facility anywhere so I tried loading it on to my Android phone and this did give me the record option. At the bottom of the phone screen, there’s an icon in the form of 3 little horizontal lines - this leads to the Record option.
After recording, you tap Next, give your ‘track’ a title and Post it. Then select the little lightening bolt icon to find your recording, select the options icon (3 vertical dots), Share and, from there, Copy. You can then paste it into the Forum.
On the Forum, select Categories, then Welsh, then Speaking Practice, and create a new topic by selecting +. Dee has also posted ‘How to set up and record to an account in SoundCloud’ there.
Good luck!

Hi Nigel,
I’m doing it on a laptop.


Hey Rob, you did it, marvellous, (almost) perfectly fluent! I saw your reply whilst I was in the pub and, now I’m home, I was just about to tell you I’d run out of ideas, apart from checking Dee’s instructions again.
Best wishes,

Hi Nigel,
Thanks for that. What was wrong? Was it my pronounciation or did I have some words wrong or both.

Well I have got Soundcloud on my Mac book now ( Not sure what that means) but how do I use it to record my voice?? Do I need to do something on my Mac book? if anyone can explain it imagine you are explaining it to a dinosaur with absolutely no idea what any technical expression beyond 'switch on and off 'means

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Here are the basic steps:

  1. Set up a SoundCloud account - which you’ve done!
  2. Record your voice using some kind of simple voice recording software. Most devices have something built in, and it looks like Macs have something called Voice Memo. You just need to record yourself and save the file where you can find it again.
  3. Open up SoundCloud and look for the ‘Upload’ button
  4. Click on the ‘Upload’ and point it at the voice file you recorded.
  5. Still in SoundCloud, find ‘Share’ and copy the URL (link to the file) that it gives you
  6. Paste that into the forum, in the thread indicated in the email with your weekly tasks
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thank you Dee . I will give that a go.

Ha - well I have found that I have ‘voice memo’ on my phone (who knew!) and surprised myself that I can get it saved into a document wallet on my phone and my Mac book and even upload it to Soundcloud - but then I think the task has overwhelmed me. I can find that I should be able to ‘share’ but I cannot make it respond when I press the share button. Sorry to be so thick but is there something else I need to type in anywhere?

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do I need to have an account with twitter, facebook or Tumblr? I don’t

A reminder to all the technically despairing that if all else fails, I’m happy to hear your words, sentences, questions and answers via Slack, Skype or even over the phone! No-one will be left out just because of technology - just drop me a line if necessary.

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Are you using the app version of SoundCloud? Some people have found that the web version gives you easier options. Try opening a browser on your Mac and going to there. Log in with your SoundCloud account details and you should see something similar to the app version, but not exactly the same. Try the ‘Share’ button there and see if it gives you the link to copy for the forum.

No, just the SoundCloud account is fine for this

no I tried going to but it doesn’t seem to do anything when I get to the SHARE button. It gives me an option to reset something.I can email it I guess to Bronwen??

When you’re in SoundCloud on the website, can you play your voice file? Is it uploaded?

sorry for delay in reply . Day job getting in the way. Yes I appear to have uploaded it and it plays.

I recorded one word as instructed this week and it was successful but there is a very loud annoying track playing that I have to keep pausing the moment I’ve finished. I’m not following or liking any stations but I’m beginning to think that Soundcloud is not for me.