Problems with Soundcloud

I don’t know why it seems to do that for people - I agree that it’s annoying!

Sometime in the fairly recent past, I set up a SoundCloud account. This week I “fire it up” per instructions and get a page full of album covers. The site won’t upload. The Upload tag (and all the others) merely indicate that I have no followers.

PLEASE, can someone just tell me how I upload a sentence? Just uploading it from my desktop computer using Microsoft?

Are you going to in a browser, or in a SoundCloud app? It seems to give you more options if you’re in a browser.

Also, have you logged into Sound Cloud? I’m pretty sure I don’t have any followers, but the Upload option still gives me a screen asking me to drag or search for the files I want to upload. I then go to the sound file that I created and saved, click on that and upload it into SoundCloud.

Have you read the help in How to set up and record to an account in SoundCloud ?

Hi @RobMorgan, I’ve only just noticed your reply to my reply. I didn’t mean anything was wrong, just that we’re all learners and none of us are perfect (yet). Onwards and upwards, we’ll get there eventually.

I’m using my desktop computer and have logged into SoundCloud. I know I’m in my account because there’s a tab with my name on it.

I’ve tried the Help link you suggest, but I’m not using an iOS device so it doesn’t help me. I’ve tried hitting the Upload a File link and get a list of my files–also of no help, as there doesn’t seem to have one for the one-word recording I made.

So I’m still very stuck! How do I record a sentence in Welsh onto SoundCloud?

Hi @nancy,

I use SoundCloud on my desktop computer as well, so we should be able to sort this out by going through step by step.

When you open SoundCloud, do you see this menu bar at the top with the Upload option?


When you click on that Upload link, do you get this screen to select your recorded file?


From that screen, I click on ‘or choose files to upload’ and find the recording of my voice.
It then gets uploaded to SoundCloud giving the following options:

I usually set it to ‘private’, then click on the ‘Save’ button below that image.
SoundCloud then gives me the link to share my file:

If you’re getting anything different from those steps @nancy, can you take a screenshot and post it here so we can try to help further?

We’ve almost got it!

I followed all the steps into my file, which for some reason is a recording of Challenge 1. Now how do I record new material?

I appreciate your patience!


Sorry @nancy, I’ve only just seen this.

To record new material, you need to use some kind of voice recording software - there’s usually something basic free with your device - save the file, then go into SoundCloud, click on Upload, and find your saved file.

Yes, I finally figured that out. Thanks.