Problems getting into Slack

This is driving me mad. I can’t get into slack. I originally signed up on our main computer but now I find that it doesn’t have a microphone or camera so I’ve tried from another computer and my phone and I’m just taken round in an endless loop. Enter your email address, confirm your email address then it takes you back to
Confirm your email address again . I want to throw it at the wall and cry.

Have none of you bunch of deities got any practical help for Amanda?

Although I’m on it, I don’t understand it enough to help much so I’m tagging @aran, @Nicky and @Novem because they are the head deities of Slack whereas I’m only a minor diety of…er… delegation!


Ah, wasn’t sure if it was the same Amanda so tagged everyone anyway!

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Are you in now, @amandalaing, or do you still need some help to troubleshoot? :slight_smile:

She got in :slight_smile:

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Tatjana was having problems though according to her messages on Slack.


I did try to reply to Amanda with a DM, saying that I’d had no problem. However, I can now see where she was going round in circles as after having had no trouble getting into Slack on my tablet, I did end up going round the houses in order to add it on my mobile phone. It doesn’t help that I already have a Slack account for something completely different which uses a different email.

Anyway, the easiest way I found to add Slack to another device is to enter the web address in the address bar of the mobile browser, log in using the email belonging to the Welsh Speaking slack account and the password that you created the firsdt time you used Slack. When I did this on the phone, it asked me if I wanted to open Slack in the app (which I already had installed) and then everything was fine.

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That’s great advice - thanks for sharing it! :star: :star2:

I had some problems getting my phone to register, but managed it in the end. I only did it out of interest. Anyway, taking advise as given, above /\ .I found that I needed to register onto Slack using a Gmail address and then went down the “another email address” route to use the one I am using here, and then Bang! up came the Practice workspace name.

Big thanks to Milla for speaking with me once it was sorted :slight_smile:


It actually goes a bit to my nerves that you can’t pass through the multiple workspaces with just one log in. If I’m on SSiW “main” platform (where all volunteer and help staff is logged in) I have to log out first to go into another workspace (Speaking Practice in this case) but the easiest way would actually be just switching inbetween the workspaces like you switch the servers on Discord). However, you basically don’t need separate e-mail for each and every workspace separately but you have to log into each at the time. But I believe this gives some benefit. I’ve tried to stay logged into SSiW on the app of my PC and logged in Practice workspace in the browser so I don’t need to log in and logg off every time I want to change workspaces.

My problem yesterday was not hearing the call at all and while I noticed someone called me the thing was already “pase”. Or is there not the sound to allert you on the call at all? I dont’ have those experiences with Slack and it can very well mean I’ll return to good old Skype fo rthe chat no matter what kind of it.

I didn’t try to enter hangout aswell as there somewhere was written the headphones are preferable and my headphones work in a bit strange way leaving speakers operating even if they’re connected so instead of messing with this problem I rather opted out of doing this. Some group chats can go without me after all anyway.

There is a way to connect them and have them like this on the side:

(not sure how i did that though, sorry :grimacing:)

Sorry to give the impression you shouln’t join without, I’ll be more careful about that in the future! Please join us next time if you feel like it :smile:

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Sorry, I need more. Is it app or browsder? When you’re on browser it says something like if oyu download the app you’d be able to manipulate with multiple workspaces at one log in aswell, but my app doesn’t seam to offer this at all. I’ve checked the updates on this app and there are none.

If in browser, which browser. I mostly use Google Chrome what I presume would be the most suitable since Hangouts are used with that too.

I migtht, thanks.

It’s the app. I think I got the option to connect them when I downloaded it. If you want I can try to look into it for you :slight_smile:

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No, I’ve figured out. It’s soo darn obviously simple that you start to complicate things. You just sign to another workspace without logging out from that you’re already in, with your e-mail and password and that’s all. After that you don’t even need to use those CTRL+1 or CTRL+2 or whatever + button because you just click on workspaces given on the side and you’re swittching across the workspaces.

I’m on SSiW main workspace now. Can you check if you see me online on Speaking practice workspace?

I can see you there Tatjana :slight_smile:


Yup! Glad it worked out :slight_smile:

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Well, thanks. So, here’s another instruction I’ve figured out. If you don’t want to be appearing online while you’re on another workspace, you’ll have to go to that one you want to appear offline and change your status to what seams proper to you.

The whole thing actually does work similar to Discord so here we go.

But sorry, I won’t join you yet right now. I’ve got some tasks to do first before I have some free time to disposal.

I take back what I said about phone app. It seems easier than laptop on browser. Can’t seem to get all members on laptop as scroll button Is hidden behind bottom bar. App is easier. Just swipe up or down :grinning:Just need to sort how camera video works for app now.
There doesn’t seem to be a video icon just a phone icon. Not too gutted as I’m a bit timid of camera.

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I think I remember Milla saying somewhere that the phone app was audio only, but I’ve spoken to a few people on audio-only and it works fine.