Problem downloading Listening practice 2 for Level 1

Not sure where to direct this. I have been trying to download listening practice [southern] for new Level 1. It says it will be double speed but it’s much faster than that. Sounds like 10 times too fast and not understandable at all.
Can anyone help? Many thanks

Is it practice at Challenge 10? If so then there’s no southern version of it (if you use old look and feel of course) If you use new one then I don’t have acces to it yet and can’t check if Southern version exists at all.

EDIT: I’ve listened to the practice (Northern) on the site and it sounds just perfect. It is double speed and a bit ununderstandable intentionally but brains will pick up what they hear. I can pick quite some words or even sentences and understand also despite it’s Northern version,


I don’t remember the southern listening practices ever being available after the first one either.
As yet, there are no listening practices available on the new layout either, but I’m sure they will appear very soon though.

EDIT: I have just had a look on the new layout in both regions and there ARE listening practices available. They are found on challenges 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 in the Northern course, but only on challenge 5 in the Southern course currently.

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To access the listening practices you can always switch to old look and feel so you can reach them and when you downolad switch back to new one again (as far as I understood the instructions).


Mmm…I am not sure now. I just checked again. It is with the challenge 10 (new level 1)
There is both northern & southern challenge but if you scroll down there is just one listening practice which I thought was for north and south.
Are we sure its only double speed? Sounds much faster! Like a load of Chipmunks!! :smile:
Not sure what you meant either Tatjana about using the old listening practices? I thought the words were different and deleted them!

No, no, I meant old look and feel what means old site not the new beta one which is tested right now by some members.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Yes, that’s exactly how it sounds and it is at (only) double speed. It’s more meant to train your brains to “listen” then to really understand what’s spoken but in time you’ll be able to understand it (almost) all, believe me.

The challenges are both, yes, but listening practice is only for North. If you’ll look carefully you’ll see that it says down at the listening practice, that southern version will come somewhere soon in the future. But you can still use northern one. It will do you no harm. :slight_smile:


Hahaha…it’s hilarious! I was sure it was a mistake. Thank you Tatjana. I have never been one to turn down a challenge. I am definitely going to give it a go. Bless you


I too am confused with the listening practices past lesson 5. Surely they can’t be right as you can barely even hear what’s been said due to the sound being so distorted.
I’ll definitely give them a go but they are almost impossible to listen to when out and about as they are sooo quiet! Still quite fascinating so will try again tomorrow. :slight_smile:

As said previously, they’re actually not meant to understand but to listen …

The actual sound levels should be fairly consistent - if they’re not, we might want to tag @lewie on this - but could you check whether or not you can find an option to turn the sound up?

The distortion isn’t a problem - don’t worry about it - just keep running them for 5 minutes a day and you’ll know when you start to recognise bits of them :sunny:

Fab, thanks very much. The only reason i said about the volume level is that i mainly study while running and some lessons vary in sound quality.
Oh, I’m seriously excited about this exrcise now! :smile:

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If there are particular ones that you’d like to call out as too quiet, I’d be happy to have a look at them. I also listen when running, and the ability to use the lessons in a variety of settings is very important, so if I missed the boat on one of 'em, don’t hesitate to complain :smiley: . (I’m responsible for the audio on most of the new Levels)

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