Practicing welsh on skype

Is there anybody out there who wants to use Skype. I have tried before and could’nt get on. The intercontinental. How about FaceTime? Anyway I live in California and have a hard time finding welsh speakers to practice with.I love learning welsh and think it would be great to find people to practice with.

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Hi Pete, I’d be happy to practice with you via Skype. I’m from Australia. Are you doing the Northern or Southern course, and how far along are you? Karla :smile:


Hi Pete and Karla! I’d love to practice on Skype! I can even sacrifice my sleeping time:) But I’m only halfway through Course 1 and I don’t know if I’ll be a good conversation right now. How far are you (in your lessons)?


Hi Stella, I’m currently on lesson 7 of the vocab units at the end of course 1…but my conversational skills are pretty poor right now, so don’t worry too much about yours! Are you learning the Northern or Southern course?

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I’m learning the Southern one, and you?
I’m only on lesson 12 course 1, I’m afraid…

I’m doing the Southern one too. It doesn’t bother me that you’re not as far along as I am - I think we could still learn lots from each other! :smile:

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Then I’ll be very happy to practise! When could we meet? This week I’m going on holiday and I’m not so sure whether I’ll have internet or not, but as soon as I find it I’m very willing to have a skype meeting!

By the way, I remember your question in another thread on the forum, about books, did you find anything interesting (and not too difficult) to read?

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That’s great! I’m pretty flexible, especially at nights…I’m not sure what the time difference would be, so we’ll have to work that out. Just let me know when you have reliable internet, and PM me your Skype name, and I’ll add you.

I actually did find some kids’ books online, which are reasonably simple, although my vocabulary is abysmal, so I still have to look up every second word, at the moment! There’s also a website called Readlang that I found, which gives you articles and websites in whatever language you’re learning, and translates words you don’t know on the page for you, so I’ve been finding that really helpful.

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Our time difference seems to be 7 hours (I’ll be in Russia). So that’s not too bad, especially considering I’m on holiday and very flexible.

Oh, could you please write the names and I’ll try to find them too? I’m really suffering a the moment with nothing simple enough for me to read in Welsh! I love reading.

Thank you very much, this seems wondeful.

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You’re right, that sounds doable.

The names of the books are: Achub y Dydd and Nos Da, Santa. They’re picture books, but they’re cute, and pretty simple. I’m glad I could help! :smile:

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Did you buy the print copy of the books or do they exist as ebooks?

I bought print copies, but that’s just because I prefer physical books. They could be available as ebooks, I’m not sure.

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I love seeing people making the effort to set themselves up with practice partners - it doesn’t matter how early you do it, it always makes a hugely valuable difference - everyone who makes the effort to have regular sessions does brilliantly :sunny:

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For those thinking of Skype, i’m hoping to try and do a open skype session Sunday evenings again in the autumn / winter. And would be pleased to have your company.
The first thing to remember is i need practice as much as anyone.

Skype took a little time to explore and get used to features that were actually very useful like having the text bar open while speaking so anyone could type what they were saying if others were struggling to hear the words. (ear phones proved a definite plus).

The screen share option is useful for putting up documents or images to talk about, but finding and understanding how to get the screen share option was not too easy (for some).

It may well be that Tatjana will prove perfect at finding and explaining the technology better than me.

As ever the important parts are to relax and enjoy, use the Welsh you know, don’t worry to much about what you don’t understand. If you drop in an English word to compete a sentence, no one is going to fuss about it.

The process will get better over time as you get used to the format and start to think about what you want to say next time.

Cheers J.P.

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I see you have some homework for me to do … :slight_smile: will go into depths of this at evenings (the most creative time for me). Might be I discover something even Skype didn’t know that exists. :slight_smile:

On the sirious note - no problem, will play around those things. I didn’t explore all by myself either (yet). :slight_smile:

I’d definitely be interested in that, as its at a reasonable hour my time! :smile:

Hi Karla I am glad to see that a lot of people responded. I am at the end of course 1 northern I will try to be flexible because of the time difference.
It will be great to practice welsh with you.
Thank you and thanks to everyone else who responded.i hope that we can get the Skype going because it sure beats practicing welsh by myself in my car on my way to work.


That’s great! PM me with your Skype name and we can work out a good time. :smile:

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Whoops I just realized this topic was already here after I created a new topic about Skype so I’m just gonna move my post here:

Hey Everybody!

I have been working through the Level 1 lessons (Northern) for about two months now and I’m almost finished. I have like three more to go I think. I am really enjoying learning Welsh and am pretty excited about the little bit i’ve learned so far. However, I have yet to use welsh in any actual conversations yet. I really want to at least try a conversation or two, but since I live in the middle of the US its kind of hard finding people to speak with. I was wondering if anyone wanted to Skype with me just so I can try it out. I’m kind of worried that I don’t know enough to hold an actual conversation. Like I have been listening a bit to Radio Cymru and I only understand like every fourth or fifth word they say so I don’t know how ready I am. Anyways, if anyone is willing to struggle with me for like ten or fifteen minutes I would really appreciate it.

P.S. I am down at University right now so I am pretty flexible with scheduling so long as I don’t have class so I’m sure I can make someone from almost any time zone work somehow.


Hi Ben, welcome to the forum! I’d be happy to practice with you too. Don’t worry about your vocabulary - we’re all learners, so we’re all muddling through together. It’s never too early to start using what you know - I for one wish I had have jumped in s little sooner!

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