Postponed: Would you like one of the places for Catrin's book launch?

Catrin’s book launch for ‘Adar o’r Unlliw’ (birds of the same colour… fly to the same place ie birds of a feather)… is in the Galeri, in Caernarfon, on Thursday night on the 7th of May, at 7.00pm.

Meinir Gwilym is going to be singing, Bethan Gwanas is going to be presenting, it’s not impossible that Manon Steffan Ros might be there to add a little Eisteddfod-winning sparkle… there may even be a little food and drink, you never know… and it doesn’t cost anything, so it’s just a question of reserving a place…

Catrin’s a bit shy about banging her own drum, but I know for a fact that she would absolutely adore to see people from this fantastic community there - you’re either already some of our very closest friends, or you’re new friends we just haven’t met yet… :slight_smile: :heart:

The only problem is that it’s not normal to book big spaces for Welsh language launches, so she’s going to be in one of the smaller rooms at the Galeri - we should be able to get places reserved for 20 or 30 SSiWers, though…

If you’d like to come, please sing out in here - we’ll ask the publishers to reserve a place for you (on a first come first served basis in this thread) - and depending on how many of you would like to be there, we might even be able to twist a few arms and get a slightly larger room :crossed_fingers: :slight_smile: :heart:


Since May 8th is the bank holiday, I think I should be able to persuade the dog to let me out for a couple of hours the evening before, so yes, put my name down!

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I would love to be there.

However I am a recent starter and there are a lot more worthy people on here who deserve the place ahead of me.

Could you put me on a reserve list, or something, please?

I am sure that you will fill up the 20 places but if you get a bigger room and have places to spare closer to the date then please let me know. :slight_smile:


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This isn’t about ‘worthiness’ (or I’d have to miss out too!) - just about whether or not you’d like to be there - so come along, it’ll be a pleasure to meet you :star: :star2:

I would love to be there! Can I reserve two places please? :blush:

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Absolutely :star: :star2:

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Thanks Aran,

When is it?.. 7th of May… I should be fluent by then!! :wink:

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Yes please! (I should be ready to go out into the wild by then… I hope…)

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I think I may have already said to Catrin that I’m going to be there but just in case I’m putting my hand up in here too. :raising_hand_man:

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Fab - yup, worth double booking just to be on the safe side! :smiley:

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What a shame! I’ll actually be in Wales then; but it will be my last night, and I doubt the family would be very happy with me scarpering off to Caernarfon instead of spending it with them. Will the book be available on Amazon or The Book Depository?

Oh, no way, how frustrating! Are you going to be in or near Caernarfon before then? :slight_smile: If it’s not on Amazon in due course, I’m sure we’d be able to stick a copy in the post…

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I’ll be in the Llandudno/Conwy area from the 4th to the 7th; although we’re spending a full day climbing on the 5th, and I have a feeling the fam have the rest of our time booked solid.

I’d love to take you up on the offer of dropping it in the post if it doesn’t come on Amazon in a reasonable amount of time, though. I loved “O, mam bach!” Grabbed that from a little Welsh book store in Llandudno on my last visit.

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Well, it looks like I won’t be in Wales in May anyway. Thanks to COVID19, our niece’s wedding has been postponed for a year, and we can’t leave the province even if it was still going on. At least we won’t miss it, but it looks like no trip home for me this year. :mask::sob:

Yes, tough times. Catrin’s launch has been postponed, of course - she’s just had confirmation, I’m going to edit the title accordingly.

Stay safe, folks. :heart:


We all knew it was coming but still a shame. Gutted for Catrin. I hope I’ll be able to get time off for it again.

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I am so sorry for you both and for those who were so looking forward to attending.
I would still like to buy a copy of the book… hopefully signed (with a disinfected pen, obviously! ;)) so please let us know how to get one.

The timing would have been, pretty much, perfect for me as I would have hoped to get to a level where i could jump in to the (speaking the Welsh language) water with both feet and see how I got on…

I was also looking forward to raiding the Caernarfon supermarkets of toilet rolls and rice, as the shelves are empty here in Wrecsam! but I hope that this can be rearranged at a convenient time.

All the best and thanks for the course and the learning method. It puts a lot of others to shame because it is so enjoyable.


Diolch for the kind words, folks - it feels like a small thing right now, to be honest - my understanding is they may go ahead with publishing anyway, and making it available to buy online - and then perhaps do a launch/celebration event later on… :crossed_fingers: