Post party Chat (including Tatjana appreciation)

@CatrinLliarJones has sensibly suggested that we have a dedicated thread to share out posts following the wonderful party, so here goes. I’ll move posts here as I find them :smile:


Hiya Pawb,

Apologies to anyone who has already tried to speak to me and got little or no response, especially if there is much background noise or chatter. Being deaf just makes it difficult for me.

I am certainly having a great time, enjoy putting names to faces and saying brief ‘helos’ but find I have to retreat to quiet corners when sound becomes overwhelming. Let me just say ‘Hiya’ to you here, in case I miss the chance later.


(And Andrew—he is the great guy I have been hanging around with for the past 50 years. He loves talking about sailing and hiking in the mountains, travelling, music and choirs, and especially electronics. He often bails me out conversationally at wonderful social events like this, then fills me in on what I may not have heard).


I am not at parti but I wear hearing aids too Mari and understand completely what a handicap deafness is socially in crowded noisy situations. I also know what a great help a filler in is as well, I’ve got one. So I am just sending you a :hugs: and watch out what you get up to in those quiet corners​:wink:.


Sori, I’ve nearly come over a couple of times, but you’ve been neck-deep in conversations so I’ve left you alone :slight_smile:


What a lovely group of people! Especially the two at the front!!


Where are Cat and Iestyn???


Newydd gweld y fideo!!!
Roedd yn wych!!!
Na, well na hynny!!!
Da iawn ti!!!


Diolch yn fawr iawn! Dw i’n hapus os mae bawb yn hapus! :slight_smile:


Dyma nhw:-


Mae Catrin yn dweud “Diolch o waelod calon!”

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What a brilliant finale Tatjana! And so well done—we all felt your great heart and spirit fill the room!

All the way back to the hotel Andrew has been chanting ‘Dysgu Cymraeg, siarad Cymraeg…’—his Welsh vocab just shot up 200%

Diolch yn fawr iawn,


Wow! Brilliant! :slight_smile:


Bless you, thank you!

Aye, you are right about corner-conversations… say no more :rofl:

Nos da,


Well, there’s not a chance (at the moment) to say hello to me in person for two reasons:

  • the parti is over (well, the main event at least)
  • and I was not there :slight_smile:

Well, I was there if even virtually and majority of you at least know who I am and some of you met me in person back in 2016 when I attended Tresaith bootcamp and later on the gathering at the Eisteddfod.

But for all who might be fairly new to our community I feel kind of obliged to say a word or two about me though.

I’m (siriously) with SSiW from 2013 after I’ve promissed to myself and Welsh Rugby Union Team publicly to really learn Cymraeg if they win the Grand Slam a year ago (2012) but I practically was on and off SSiW form kind of very beginning just that I didn’t know that at the time yet. :slight_smile: I’ve made all old courses + vocab ones of South version and both 2 Levels and now I’m (shame on me really) slowly progressing through the Level 3 (made Challenge 18 yesterday). I am Slovene living in Slovenia and have no roots to Cymru (not that I know of) but two teenagers, rugby and the sound of music (read Welsh language which is music itself) were the things which attracted me to start to learn this beautiful language.

Since I’ve come here I’ve made many silly and annoying things on and off the forum but the most known are thingys which you can read in the Tatjana - Progress reports and My Challenges. So as you can read in those two topics I was kind of nerd and annoyance to many people here who with the HUGE help and patience of @aran and all of you on here, transformed into (hopefully) kind and helpful person who finally has to admit she’s the Welsh speaker at last. :slight_smile: (WOW @BronwenLewis, Aran and @margaretnock and some other people will be super happy to hear this :slight_smile: ).

And yes, I’m the one who annoyed :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile: you from the stage in the video last night. :slight_smile:

There’s no need to say more me thinks.

You’ve seen me in the video which is also available for all to watch in “Dysgu Cymraeg a Siarad Cymraeg” topic and from yesterday on on YouTube also.

Diolch o galon to all of you over and over again. My life has changed for good in many ways in past those years.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Hey Tatjana! I feel like I have met you after watching the video last night! I hope you enjoyed the photos and I hope if you can make it to Cymru again I will get the chance to have a good natter yn y Gymraeg.


Thank you.

Yes. Your photos were the real treat! I could feel how glorious parti it was!

You know me … the hope dies last … so you never know. :slight_smile:


Tatiana, dwi’n wrth fy modd efo de rap Cymraeg di am SSIW!! Anhygoel. So creative, doniol, and sweet. Da iawn ti!!


Thank you, really. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the rap @tatjana it was brilliant ! :slight_smile:


Thanks Marilyn :slight_smile: , the photo was taken at Llyn Idwal , just off the A5 between Bethesda and Capel Curig. I love walking up the mountains as it is a good way to clear the head. Where was your photo taken ?