Planeta Tierra on YouTube

If you fancy immersing yourself in Spanish while watching really interesting documentaries, try searching for Planeta Tierra on YouTube. There are loads of videos and while the commentator speaks at natural Spanish speed, he’s quite clear.

This one has been my favourite so far mainly because I’ve never in my life seen a Bobbit Worm before and it’s genuinely the scariest creature I’ve ever seen!


Muchas gracias para esto (Thanks very much for this). This is exactly the sort of thing I’ve been looking for, i.e. interesting and engaging content to enjoy whilst also improving my Spanish.

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De nada :slight_smile:

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I hadn’t watched any of these for a while and just went back to look for something interesting and YouTube is telling me that the channel is closed :cry:


Mis canales de YouTube favorites son:

Español con Juan
Spanish from the roots
Spanish after hours

Are 4 of my favourite YouTube channels for Spanish learning. I’d love to see you guys doing something similar

I can envision Aran doing something like this La ropa en español | Clothes in Spanish - YouTube

I haven’t looked at the others but I definitely recommend Español con Juan. He’s an excellent teacher! Just the right personality.

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