Phrases to make you smile

We used to have a thread of amusing or cute phrase in the old forum. I had a quick look for one here, but didn’t see anything quite like it, so here’s a new thread:

I liked this one which was on Rownd a Rownd this evening:

(Kay, to Ken, after he made her promise not to drive - she’s forbidden on health grounds for now, but broke the rules…)

“Addo…cris, croes, tan poeth”
“I promise…criss-cross, hot fire”.

Equivalent to “cross my heart and hope to die”, I suppose, or
“if I break my promise, hold me over a hot fire”.

The loss of, “Friday Phrases” was sad. I must have posted to it over a hundred times…I loved it!!!
Here’s a delightful one which I think sounds really cool and makes me smile:
WHILBERO MWG (a smoking wheelbarrow): a waste of time and effort.

Can I ask a question here, even though it seems to have finished.
To jump on the band wagon.

Stuff like that doesn’t often have a direct translation, Anne - it wouldn’t surprise me at all to hear someone say that they were going to ‘neidio ar y band wagon’, for example…:smile:

There may well be Welsh idioms which have a similar meaning, but none come to mind at the moment, I’m afraid!