Phrases for the dinner table - could you help me?

I have been meaning to ask about this for ages! Also “Dewch i mewn” for ‘come in’ which I learned before most of you were born and when I was unlikely to be addressing anyone as ‘ti’!
@Iestyn Do people used ‘chi’ in these phrases irrespective of what they call the ‘you’ and if there is one or many?

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If someone knocks on your door and you can’t see them you would surely use dewch rather than ty’d I think.

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I think she only has a daughter (Siwan), who is her daughter by Wyn Humphries.

She might have been talking to Vince’s son (whose name I temporarily forget), in which case she should still have been using the familiar form of address, so it would be a bit odd to use the polite form.

BTW, I can never remember how her name is spelt, but I have a feeling it isn’t Catryn, but I cannot tell you what it is!!!

…with a bit of “research”, it is (apparently) “Cathryn”, played by Siân Beca.




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(Vince, you are a lucky chap. Just sayin, as they say … :slight_smile: )

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She was taking care of Owan and Mair, I think, or however their names are spelled – I think those are Sophie’s children? Are they also Vince’s?

Stop drooling Mike bach, what will Mrs. Mike say?? :wink:

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I have a feeling that only Mair might be Vince’s biological child. Owain got knocked down by a car a year or two back, and I seem to remember the question of whether Vince was his real father or not came up. It would have been before my time, but I got the impression that for whatever reason, Vince was bringing him up as his own child. I don’t know who would be his biological father though.

Once Vince and Sophie’s divorce became slightly more amicable, they started alternating child-care (with Cathryn helping out of course). At the beginning of the separation which became a divorce, Sophie had made things as awkward as possible for Vince.

BTW, if Cathryn was addressing both Owain and Mair, then she would naturally have used the plural, “chi” form, which of course happens to be the same as the polite form. bears that out, saying that Owain is Sophie’s child “from her first marriage with Eifion” while Mair is “from her relationship with Vince”.

I was also unclear on how Wyn fits into the whole picture (and why Cathryn would move to his house for the interim); re-reading the “cymeriadau” pages has cleared that up, too.

But to get a little more on-topic again:

Of course. But the background was that Owain and Mair were to sit down outside the copa, and Mair sat down first at one table and Owain at an adjacent one, upon which Cathryn asked him to sit over there by his sister “os gwelwch yn dda”.

Though I suppose she might have meant “if that’s all right for both of you”, but I understood it as “please” addressed to him alone.