Phrases for the dinner table - could you help me?

I’ve been slowly trying to learn for a couple of years. My daughter is nearly 2 and attends Welsh nursery which is fantastic and I really want to build on what she is learning to improve my own Welsh as well as hers - and to remind us all to practice speaking it at home! I’m trying to make a couple of sheets of useful phrases that I can stick on the kitchen cupboards for us to use at meal times but I’m not 100% sure I’ve got them all right! Any corrections or suggestions of phrases I could add? Or a better way of saying what I’m trying to say?

So far I’ve got…

Ga i …? Cei/ Na chei
Dw i hoffi…/ Dw i ddim yn hoffi…
Beth hoffet ti i brecwast/ cinio/ swper/ snac?
Hoffet ti rhwbywth i fwyta?
Hoffwn i gael…
Beth fyddet ti’n hoffi?
Wyt ti eisiau mwy?
Wyt ti wedi gorffen?
Wyt ti eisiau dwr?
Dyma ti.
Wyt ti’n hoffi e?
Mae’n bob mynd/ Mae’n gorffen

Cyn i ni (gallu) gael brecwast mae angen i ni…
… rhoi ar eich bib
… coginio’r bwyd/ paratoi’r bwyd
… eistedd yn eich cadair
… golchi ein dwylo

Ar ôl brecwast dyn ni’n mynd i…
… glan eich dwylo
… tynnu eich bib
… golchi’r llestri
… brwsio danedd
… chwarae yn eich ystafell/ yn yr ardd
… mynd am dro/ i’r parc/ i’r llyfyrgell etc.

Arddechog/ gwych/ da iawn/ merched da
Dim sgrech!
Aros yn dawel os gwelwch yn dda.
Defnyddio eich fforc.
Peidiwch daflu eich bwyd.

Thank you so much for your help!


There are a few tiny, weeny things slightly wrong but which you’ll get away with (and I don’t want to be nit-picky when you’ve done such a good job of making the list!) - and these will sort themselves out as you continue learning anyway, but here are some corrections for the ones you won’t get away with so easily -

Mae’n bob mynd/ Mae’n gorffen > Mae bob dim wedi mynd / Wedi gorffen

Cyn i ni (gallu) gael brecwast mae angen i ni…
… rhoi ar eich bib > rhoi dy bib ymlaen
… eistedd yn eich cadair > eistedd yn dy gadair

Ar ôl brecwast dyn ni’n mynd i…
… glan eich dwylo > golchi dy ddwylo
… chwarae yn eich ystafell > chwarae yn dy 'stafell

Dim sgrech! > Dim sgrechian! … neu - Paid â sgrechian!
Defnyddio eich fforc. > Defnyddia dy fforc
Peidiwch daflu eich bwyd. > Paid â daflu dy bwyd

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


When I was starting out learning I wrote the names of things on masking tape and stuck them on the object. Since we do loads of cooking and baking in our house I picked up loads of vocab pretty quickly although the children did get annoyed at times when they’d pick up an apple with ‘_afa_l’ taped to it etc!
The door to each room in the house had stickers on, furniture, the shower, it was everywhere. Helped us learn though! I also found some large posters (weather/telling time/alphabet) which were useful as well


@siaronjames is bob on here I think (maybe a soft mutation or two out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), a lot of stuff you could get away with but the dy/eich thing is a good one to get right when talking to your child (imho). I had to scroll back up to make sure you haven’t got twins. :blush:


exactly what I meant by tiny, weeny things that are get-awayable with that will sort themselves out with practice! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I meant in your answer. :joy::joy::smiling_imp::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ah yes. oops. :flushed: :confounded: … well I’m still practising too! :grin:

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Aren’t we all. :blush:

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Wow, thank you! It is so kind of you to take the time to look through this for me. I’m not sure why I wrote eich instead of dy - I quite often work with groups of primary school kids and try and use some of my dodgy Welsh on them so I think I’m more used to using eich - that’s my excuse anyway!

Not sure how I got those mixed up - perhaps I need to learn how to say ‘brain fart’ in Welsh! Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.

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This is brilliant, I will definitely be giving this a go!

I think paid â thaflu dy fwyd is the only thing I could spot; did you see owt else?

(In any case not the kind of thing that’s worth being particular about - just posting this for completeness’ sake :slight_smile: )


@hannahtownsend Just a quick note to tell you it is possible to answer a number of people in one reply by typing their Forum name the way I have typed yours with ‘@’ in front. It also means they get a notice that ypu have replied/messaged them!
You can also quote:-

Good spot!

I’ve learnt the hard way not to openly correct grammar on here so I won’t. :wink:

Especially the grammar of people that I know to be more fluent. :blush:

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I’m not correcting in a pedant-like way, just trying to be helpful to the OP :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok, but I do so with trepidation.

I was also thinking maybe dy bib > dy fib?

And after “mynd i” golchi > olchi?

But that is being extremely picky given the context. :disappointed:

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Not long ago I posted the bit below in the bootcamp thread… and you guys have just proved my point - that the SSiW way really does work :smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“I learnt Welsh before SSiW was born. So I have lots of bad habits when speaking Welsh.
I’m always willing to meet up with and offer help to the Northern bootcampers when the opportunity arises.
And I’m always terrified of talking to them.
Why? Because I worry about you showing up the bad habits I’ve got that you haven’t!”


From the “mutation nitpick” department (aka “minor get-away-with-it-able things”):

i frecwast, i ginio

Hoffet ti rywbeth i’w fwyta?

Wyt ti eisiau dŵr?

…os gweli di’n dda

(Though I heard Catryn on Rownd a Rownd say os gwelwch yn dda to her son! Perhaps it’s a fixed phrase for some and they no longer think about the built-in chi meaning…)

Also, I think mae angen i ni roi, goginio, olchi… and dyn ni’n mynd i olchi, i dynnu, i frwsio, i fynd…

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Thank you - taking these to Wales with me today - will try them out at beakfast tomorrow with my grandson!

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