PhD Project - Volunteers Needed

Hi everyone,

Some of you may remember that I asked for volunteers to participate in my MA dissertation project a couple of years ago (thank you very much to everyone who took part). I need the SSi community’s help again, this time for a study that will make up part of my PhD.

Taking part just involves an informal interview with me over Zoom (audio recorded) which should take an hour at the longest. The aim of the interview is to collect as much Welsh language as possible from learners who have used SSi. The criteria to take part are as follows:

  • You must be aged at least 18
  • You must have completed at least Level 1 (preferably of the South version) of the online course
  • SSi will ideally be/have been your primary method of learning Welsh

I’m hoping to complete the interviews by the end of next week if at all possible, so it would be great if you could get in touch by sending me an email at as soon as possible if you are interested in taking part.

Thank you in advance!

I forgot to say that I’m not looking at how well learners speak Welsh, but rather how their language develops - please don’t be put off because you don’t think that your Welsh is perfect. As long as you can put together a sentence, you’re proficient enough to participate! I have prepared some prompt questions and exercises based on the SSi course to help you along if necessary.


Hi Susanah - I used SSiW then went on to study the DysguCymraeg Gloywi course, and a few other things. I now work through the medium of Welsh. Is that any use to you, or are you looking for people still more at the beginning of their journeys? Happy to help if I can be of use :slight_smile:

Hi Sara, thank you for replying. I’m looking for people at pretty much any point in their Welsh learning, so it would be great to have you on board :slight_smile: The only slight caveat is that I’m a learner myself and your Welsh will be better than mine since you use it for work! If you send me a quick email, I can give you more detailed information and the consent form.

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Ocidoci - I’ll do that this afternoon :slight_smile:

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Ahh, sadly I am only at Challenge 21 of level one. Otherwise I would be happy to assist. Hopefully, you will ask again in a few weeks. Also, I would be interested in reading a precis account of the results of this project.

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I could take part but I might skew your data (if you just want people only exposed to SSIW) due to being taught in school somewhat and doing a lot of prior self teaching/external welsh lessons

I may need some more people a little later on, and I’ll definitely keep you in mind. I can also put together a summary document once I have results for anyone who is interested :slight_smile:

I’m mostly looking for earlier learners now (level 1-2 in SSi terms, or generally learners with a fairly limited amount of conversational practice), as most volunteers are on the more proficient end of the scale. If you think you fit into that, you would be more than welcome to take part :slight_smile:

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If it’s not too late, I’d be happy to help - I’ve just completed level 2, and am starting on level 3. I’ll drop you an email so you can tell if I’m at the level you’re looking for.

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For anyone hesistating about doing this, Susannah interviewed me yesterday and it’s all very informal and relaxed, so do give it a go. Also, if you haven’t yet had the opportunity for a face to face chat, this could provide a good gentle beginning for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Susan,

Happy to help.

SSIW was my main way to learn Welsh from the start. I always usually start with a podcast learning a language.

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I’m on the last challenge of SSiW level three, though the NW version. Happy to help if you need anything else though. I’ve learned 80% through SSiW.

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Thank you for your message. I’m pretty much at capacity now for volunteers, but I’ll get in touch again if I need more in the future :slight_smile:

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Sure. Pegthomas@gmail.Com