Penwythnos Dysgwyr / Learners Weekend Maldwyn

Cymdeithas yr Iaith Dyfed are organising an weekend of activities in Welsh on the 25-27 October in Moelfre. Information on the poster below:

Is this in Moelfre on Ynys Mon? Or another Moelfre? :thinking:

I would say it’s this place, as it’s in Maldwyn:

Diolch Deborah!! I googled but couldn’t find it…

I didn’t find it easily either! They could do with a bit more information on their poster.

@Jenny @Deborah-SSi they should have put the post code !
This is it : SY10 7QW

There are lots of interesting things to see/visit which they should have also advertised.
Sycharth, home of Owain Glyndŵr
Pennant Melangell ( where the patron Saint of animals is buried)
There is a lovely Rhaeadr / Waterfall at Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant

And much more!
I’ll try my best to get more information :slight_smile:

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Its near me Jenny! Just behind Oswestry near Llansilin.

Thanks Amanda! How are you? How’s the Cymraeg?

Improving but not quick enough. Working hard at it but get frustrated

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If anybody wants to know about the story of Melangell, welsh patron saint of animals, here it’s being told by Pennant junior school children…


I have registered for this weekend at Maldwyn. Cymdeithas Yr Iaith say they have a have a host of activities planned but so far I have received no information. However, I have been told this week that they need more people to register by next week for the weekend to go ahead. It should be good, so if you have any questions why not contact Elfed Wyn Jones
Swyddog Maes Dyfed
Cymdeithas yr Iaith
Rhif ffôn - Mob - 07402856526 / Dolwerdd - 01559384378/ Swyddfa Aber - 01970624501
E-Bost -

Be brave. I’d love some company.


Heard anymore @elizabethliney? @BronwenLewis? from them.
I’ll be on the case tomorrow if not :unamused:

I wrote yesterday to say I could no longer go. They said they were still trying to get 7 people, (but they didn’t seem to know I had applied a fortnight ago).

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Diolch @BronwenLewis.

I heard today that the course is running and I have a programme. I’m sorry to read Bronwen can’t go. They are still open for more people to register. I see you are running a quiz, Nia. I have uploaded the programme.Penwythnos Maldwyn 2019.pdf (412.3 KB)

Diolch yn fawr @elizabethliney

@nia.llywelyn sorry I won’t be able to go this year especially as it’s so close but there is just too much on and my son crashed his car so I’m a taxi driver at weekends. Would love to meet up with you all at some point.

Biti hefyd, gan bod o mor agos. @amandalaing :slight_smile: