Penblwydd Hapus Manon Steffan Ros yn 40! 🥂

I’m hoping that you will join me in wishing author and friend of SSi Manon Steffan Ros a very happy 40th birthday for the 19th of this month! :birthday:

I though it would be a great idea for Manon to receive messages on her birthday form the SSi community! :heart:

If you would like to post a penblwydd hapus message for Manon here with maybe a few words about how you enjoy her literature, then I will make sure she receives every single on of them in time for her birthday on Thursday! :champagne: :incoming_envelope: :fountain_pen:


Penblwydd Hapus Manon!

Dwi’n darllen ‘Llyfr Glas Nebo’ ar hyn o bryd.
Mae’n llyfr mor ddiddorol a chlyfar. Diolch o galon iddi am ei sgwennu (a’i stwff eraill hi hefyd)!

(I’m reading ‘Nebo’s Blue Book’ at the moment.
Such an interesting and clever book. Heartfelt thanks to her for writing it (and her other stuff too)).


Penblwydd Hapus Iawn Manon! “Llanw” yw un o fy hoff lyfrau yn Gymraeg a dw i’n disgwyl ymlaen at ddarllen mwy o dy lyfrau yn y dyfodol.

Very Happy Birthday Manon! “Llanw” is one of my favourite books in Welsh and I look forward to reading more of your books in the future.


Pen-blwydd hapus mawrion mawr i ti Manon o dy ffan rhif un. :wink:

Ive always said to people that want to learn Welsh that after doing the SSi course the most important and beneficial thing to do is read. Read everything you can.

The second book I read in Welsh was Inc (the first was Bryn y Crogwr by Bethan Gwanas, it’s not always about you, Manon!) and I was hooked on your writing style and the incredible stories you’ve created. My progress through learning our amazing language can easily be traced through your books, from the Stori Sydyn series with Inc, Hunllef and Y Stelciwr, through books aimed at younger readers like Trwy’r Darlun/Tonnau, Baba Hyll, Fi a Joe/Aaron, Pluen, Mis yr Yd, Llechi and Bwystfilod a Bwganod (with an honorary mention of Wrecsam) right through to masterpieces (yep, really) like Llanw, Fel Aderyn and Blasu. By the way, I’m still waiting for Golygon 2 to hit the shelves. :wink:

I’m going to give Llyfr Glas Nebo a special mention as the book to have made a real difference to how I think about life in general. I’ve read it 4 times, the last time being the same time as my wife read the English version, The Blue Book of Nebo, and it sparked so many conversation between us for a long, long time after. It has deserved all the praise given, but, by now, you must already know that.

I’ve learned more vocabulary from your (and Gwanas’s) words than from anywhere else, for which I’m eternally grateful.

By the way, you are the only person to have two pictures in my Sêr Cymru a Fi folder on facebook. If that isn’t the biggest compliment ever, I don’t know what is.

Diolch o waelod fy nghalon am dy holl waith. May your pen never dry.



Dw i newydd ddarllen ‘Stryd-y-Bont’, a dyma fy hoff lyfr yn Gymraeg hyd yn hyn. Llyfr i ddysgwyr ydy Stryd-y-Bont (lefel Mynediad), ond mae’r stori’n gyffrous ac mae’r cymeriadau fel pobl go iawn (yn enwedig Meg, gwraig Elis, sy’n teimlo ei bod hi wedi gwastraffu ugain mlynedd o’i bywyd).

Dw i’n siwr ei bod hi’n anodd ysgrifennu stori dda i ddysgwyr sy’n gwybod ychydig o eiriau, ond ti’n ei wneud yn dda iawn.

Diolch yn fawr, a Penblwydd Hapus i ti!


I have just read ‘Stryd-y-Bont’, and this is my favorite book in Welsh so far. Stryd-y-Bont is a book for learners (Entry level), but the story is exciting and the characters are like real people (especially Meg, Elis’s wife, who feels she has wasted twenty years of her life).

I’m sure it’s difficult to write a good story for learners who know few words, but you do it very well.

Thank you very much, and Happy Birthday to you! )


Penblwydd hapus iawn Manon, o dy ffan rhif ddau (jyst tu ôl Geraint), mwynha dy ddiwrnod arbennig. Paid dathlu gormod! Cariad mawr Vaughan xxxx

Wi’n hoff iawn dy erthyglau yn Y Golwg360, mae’n 'di helpu fy Nghymraeg yn fawr, gallu eu trafod a’u dadansoddi gyda fy ffrind. Alla I ddim eu hargymell mwy.

Gyda llaw, ma dy nofel ddiweddaraf, Powell, yn wych!

A very happy birthday Manon, from your number two fan (just behind Geraint), enjoy your special day. Don’t celebrate too much! Lots of Love, Vaughan.

I love your articles in Y Golwg360, it helps my Welsh a lot, discussing and analysing them with my friend. I can’t recommend them more.

By the way, your latest novel, Powell, is amazing!


Penblwydd Hapus Manon!

I am indebted to you for at least two breakthroughs in my learning to read Welsh. The first was when I read ‘Blasu’ and realised about halfway through that I had forgotten I was even reading Welsh, which should not really have been possible given my modest fluency in the language, yet somehow the story swept me along. The second was when, somewhat later, I read ‘Llyfr Glas Nebo’ and thought how beautifully written it was, which seemed to imply that I was beginning to develop at least some appreciation of cadence, rhythm and texture. So thank you, Manon, for all you do for us learners by writing so well and so accessibly, and keep it up!


Penblwydd Hapus iawn Manon!! Mae 40 yn ddim o gwbl :smile:

O’n i jyst eisiau dweud diolch o galon am y llyfrau anhygoel ac am dy gerddoriaeth hyfryd hefyd. Dwi’n cofio gweld ti yn canu at y Parti Pen-blwydd SSIW…llais hyfryd iawn.

Oedd Inc un o fy llyfrau cyntaf wnes i ddarllen fel dysgwr dros 10 mlynedd yn ôl a wnes i eu fwynhau yn fawr iawn. Dw i wrdd fy modd ardull dy ysgrifennu…wastad mor ingol. Ers hynny dw i wedi mwynhau lot mwy o dy llyfrau yn cynnwys Blasu ( a The Seasoning) a Golygon ( a dy golofn Golwg pan dwi’n eu brynu). Es i i weld y sioe Llyfr Glas Nebo yn Galeri …ardderchog…lot o ddagrau ar ôl!

Rŵan dwi’n mwynhau gwrando arnat ti yn Colli’r Plot sy’n ymarfer gwrando ardderchog, ac efo fy hoff pwnc…llyfrau! Mae gen i lot mwy o dy llyfrau ar fy tŵr i gadw fi’n mynd.

Mwynhau dy ddiwrnod arbennig ddynes talentog. Diolch :grin::two_hearts:

A very happy birthday Manon! 40 is nothing! I just wanted to say thank you so much for your incredible books and music. I remember hearing you singing at the SSIW birthday party. Such a lovely voice.

Inc was one of my first books that I read as a learner over 10 years ago and I enjoyed it very much. I love your writing style…always so poignant. Since then I’ve enjoyed a lot more of your books including Blasu ( and The Seasoning) and Golygon ( and your column in Golwg when I buy it). I went to see Llyfr Glas Nebo at Galeri…excellent…lots of tears after! Now I’m enjoying listening to you in Colli’r Plot which is excellent listening practice and on my favourite topic…books! I have a lot more of your books on my tower to keep me going. Enjoy your special day talented lady and thank you :grin::two_hearts:


Penblwydd hapus, Manon Steffan Ros!

„Llyfr glas Nebo“ oedd y nofel cyntaf o‘n i‘n darllen yn Gymraeg. Oedd yn rîl her, ond o‘n i‘n joio pob tudalen a pob gair newydd. Gobeithio bydd mwy o fersynau mewn iethoedd eraill yn y dyfodol.

Dw i‘n edrych ymlaen at ddarllen eich llyfr nesa a gobeithio eich gweld chi yn fyw yng Nghymru yn y dyfodol.

Cofion cynnes o‘r Almaen,

Verena (V_Arakawa ar Twitter)


Penblwydd hapus iawn Manon Steffan Ros . Fel llawer o bobl arall dwi’n wrth fy modd i ddarllen dy llyfrau di. Blasu yw fy hoff llyfr, mae stori yn drist iawn ac datgelu sawl broblemau wynebu gan bobl ymbob man yn y byd.
Fel y dweudodd pawb arall llyfr glas nebo hefyd stori bendigedig.
Wyt ti’n ym bendant talentog iawn, Dwi 'di darllen sawl llyfrau 'di sy’n helpu fi dysgu’r iaith o’r nefoedd. Fy mamiaith yw Sinhala a Saesneg fy ail iath.
Edrychaf ymlaen yn awyddus i weld beth wyt ti’n mynd i wneud nesa. Bob lwc a bendithion,
Happy birthday Manon Steffan Ros. Like many other people I just love reading your books. Blasu is my favourite it is a sad stori and highlights problems faced by people around the world. Like everyone else have said Llyfr Glas Nebo is also a fantastic read. You’re very talented indeed and your books have help me a lot to learn the language of heaven. Looking forward to see what you have up your sleeve next.
Best of luck and many blessings,


Happy Birthday Manon,
Love your books….as a learner have particularly enjoyed Joe Allan , Aaron Ramsey…just waiting for the conclusion of the undoubted trilogy :sunglasses::sunglasses::wales:🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


Pen-blwydd hapus, Manon, a dw i’n falch o fod 'run cyntaf i sôn am Llechi :slight_smile: Sticking to thoroughly accessible language, but creating something unsettling that rewards re-reading - fabulous.
I still treasure my Norman Bates moment with Llyfr Glas Nebo, though.
Newydd sylwi bod @gruntius wedi sôn am Llechi. Oh, well. I said nicer things about it.


Diolch calon to all of you for your wonderful messages here, it’s been a pleasure reading them. :slight_smile:

I will be sending them to Manon this evening, just incase anyone else would like to contribute. :slight_smile:

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Penblwydd hapus iawn, Manon! Diolch o galon am gymaint o lyfrau gwych sy wedi ysbrydoli fi a cymaint o ddysgwyr eraill i ddechrau a dal ati darllen a mwynhau’r byd llyfrau Cymraeg.

Enormous thanks, Manon, for so many wonderful books which have inspired me and so many other learners to start and keep on reading and enjoying the world of Welsh books


Penblwydd Hapus yn 40 oed…amser maith yn ôl i fi nawr yn anfodus.
Diolch am eich llyfyrau ardderchog!

I have been searching for listening practice on radio and through Audible, but have found very little. I normally end up listening to news programmes.
I would love to find a Welsh translation of some well known children’s books as well, such as Alice in Wonderland or James and the Giant Peach etc

Penblwydd hapus Manon gobeithio chi gael dydd gwych :clinking_glasses::champagne::tada::two_hearts: