Oystermouth Castle Welsh Day 24/8/14

As some of you already know I volunteer at Oystermouth Castle in Mumbles, Swansea/Gower.

I’d quite like to put on a Welsh learners event there. I envisage it including:

-An intro to "castle-ish vocab followed by a simple Welsh language tour of the castle.
-Opportunity to have a go at some medieval crafts - tablet weaving, chain mail making.
-If I can collar someone to do it a talk by a relevant Welsh speaking historian on the site.

The council rep is happy for me to go ahead and organise it but would like an estimate of numbers as she suggests it to be “possibly a bit specialist” which (bothers me a bit!)

Possibly we would be able to offer free tickets if booked in advance.

I’m thinking of maybe 26/27th July or 9/10 August (either side of the Eisteddfod which is just down the road in Llanelli to try and ride a bit on the back of the increased awareness of Welsh at that time.

So I guess I’m after “Yes I’d comes” so I can show there’s at least a base interest level there.

It’s a pity there’s not been much response to this yet.

I’m hoping that after we’ve built some better stuff for meetups, we can move on to an events system that will make it easier to promote great ideas like this…:slight_smile:

I’d like very much to attend such an event, “specialist” or no. Unfortunately I’ve got this ocean between me and the castle, and while I am planning to cross it that is something that won’t happen for more than a year yet. I’m sorry; it does sound like fun.

Possibly the council lady has a better grasp on the “market” than me after all.

I suspect I shall go ahead and run it as a small scale event anyway, possibly with the local Menter Iaith. Not everything is about ROI and it is supposed to be a community concern.

I think people are probably reluctant to commit in advance, especially as not that many of us are in easy striking distance of Swansea. It sounds a lovely idea though and I hope you manage to pull it off. We may be able to make it, especially if it’s family friendly, but I wouldn’t like to say for definite as summer holiday plans still v sketchy.

Not everything is about ROI and it is supposed to be a community concern.

Clywch clywch…:seren:

If it’s pram friendly I’ll come

So I guess it’s three people, me, my wife and my baby son Rhys

Phillip David Worth posted about 6 hours ago
If it’s pram friendly I’ll come

New paths installed last year to try and make it more so!

I’d be there with bells on if I lived closer. But, do it! It’s a great idea.

leia said: New paths installed last year to try and make it more so!

Sounds good, how many people need to sign up before its a definite? Should give me a good opportunity to practise my Welsh :slight_smile:

Count me in Leia! It sounds like so much fun. Sorry I haven’t responded before but only just got my internet connected on Friday. I would have a definite preference for the August date though. I would struggle to get to the earlier one.

Oh goodness! I don’t go on the forum for a good whole for the first time in I don’t know how long, and this comes up!

You can out me in as a definite for any one of those dates.

Preferably all of them! :wink:

Really though, I will be there barring acts of God or illness.

Assuming the tickets are a reasonable price, of course! :wink:

About how much do you think the tickets will be?

I’ll see if anyone else wants to make a day of it. Sounds great fun to me!

Tickets will be either normal entry price £2.50 or free to encourage attendance.

Oh goodness. Far less than I thought. Goes against my normal feelings, but perfectly willing to pay at least that sort of money!

Well, that’s me in. I know of another person doing SSiW who has said they are able (and want) to come on any one of the dates. Talked to him tonight.

Will see if anyone from the Swansea group wants to come.

I’d be very interested in coming! (Especially if I could bring my two small dogs.) The July dates would probably suit me better but I should be able to do the August ones as well.

August dates are best for us. Do they have catering facilties? A medieval banquet in Welsh gyda caneuon gwerin yng gymraeg would be nice. Didn’t men to start new thread - clicked the wrong place!

I’d love to come along with my son! He is learning welsh at school and I am just starting. Not sure if we would understand anything being said but would love to come along for the experience. Any of the dates would be fine and if wife and daughter are free they would probably tag along too.

July dates better for me

I would love to come, the August dates are best for me. be great if there was some Archery as I shoot a long bow.

I’d love to come, the July dates preferably!