Oxford SSiW - additional meetups?

Our Oxford group’s next monthly meetup is imminent (Tuesday: 5.30pm, Far From the Madding Crowd, Friar’s Entry, Oxford), but I wanted to ask if anyone would be interested in having other opportunities to practice a bit of Welsh in between the regular monthly meetups? It’s something two or three of us have discussed previously and seems to work quite well for other SSiW meet-up groups. It could be meeting for a drink, coffee, or meal, a walk, visit to a museum etc (e.g. there’s the Red Book of Hergest/Llyfr Coch Hergest to see in the Bodleian Library) and could be on a weekday or at a weekend. All suggestions welcome! Depending on interest we could perhaps organise a Doodle poll (http://doodle.com/) to settle on the most convenient time/date. John

John, did you miss the post about the “Far From the Madding Crowd” having closed? - please see the other thread, and a suggested alternative venue.

Diolch Mike! Yes I did indeed miss the bad news about FFMC closing! Just had a look at the Oxford Welsh Learners Group thread as suggested, and the suggestion about meeting in the Jericho Cafe seems a good one to me. Hwyl fawr, John

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A diolch i ti hefyd John, for the suggestion of polling for additional meetups, perhaps using Doodle. I have no experience of doodle, so don’t yet quite know what’s involved, but some semi-automated mechanism like that might work well.

I will just mention again the idea of possibly using the Oxford Welsh Male Voice Choir’s concert on Sat 28th Feb at 6.30 for 7.30, at the Wesley Memorial Church, New Inn Hall Street, OX1 2DH as a possible opportunity, either over tea at 6.30 and/or for say an hour before in a nearby pub or cafe.

If I can work out how to use Doodle, perhaps I will put it in there.


Good idea, Mike, about the concert on Sat 28th - I’m going to be away around that time unfortunately, otherwise I’d definitely be up for it

I thought it might be an idea to revive this thread.

Yesterday, Caroline, Pippa and I talked about the possibility of meeting somewhere outside Oxford, for an additional, weekend meeting, partly so it wouldn’t be so far for Pippa and Caroline to come, and also (as I think was mentioned in the other thread) to give us chance for a bit of a ramble in the countryside, as the days are getting longer, and the weather is getting … well, I won’t tempt fate, but we can hope. :slight_smile:

And of course, people who can’t make Tuesday evenings might possibly be able to make the weekend.

One idea mentioned was Charlbury, which I know is a lovely little town, which has the benefit of a railway station.

What do others think of this idea?

And of course, next Tuesday is the 1st Tuesday in the month, so time for our usual Meetup.

Are we still happy with downstairs at the Jericho Cafe, Walton Street?
5.30 pm Tuesday 3rd March

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Helo, I think a ramble from Charlbury is a great idea & as you say the weekend maybe better for a lot of people. I’d also happily do a weekday if there was additional interest in that. The Jericho Cafe seemed nice enough; we just need to avoid the sound system! Pippa

Bit of an OOPS here, as I only just realised that I have a prior engagement on the 3rd March…hadn’t forgotten about it, but hadn’t spotted it would clash with the Meetup.

So sorry Pippa and everyone, but I will have to give my apologies for the coming Tuesday.

I hope others can make it though, and I will do my best to be there in April.

The Charlbury ramble’s an excellent suggestion. I’m away at the moment andI wouldn’t be able to make it unless it’s after I get back on 12 March, but I’d be happy with either a weekend or, depending on the day, a weekday.

Yes I’d enjoy a Charlbury ramble, there are several good pubs there, too. Not March 21/22 or Easter Ap 4/5 nor 11/12 . How about Suns April 19th or 26th, or May 10th or 17th ?

Yes, apart from April 26th, I can probably make any of those dates. There’s also been some discussion about the Charlbury ramble on the main Oxford Welsh Learners Group thread, so maybe we should close this one and point people to that thread (not sure how you do that, though!).
There’s also, of course, Ramblingjohn’s (JP) suggestion of a Welsh wander around Oxford which is a great idea as well

Hi! I saw this thread and would like to express interest in a ‘Welsh’ ramble near Charlbury, for example on the 19th April. Unfortunately I cannot make Tuesday evenings for any Oxford meetings, and though my Welsh is by no means fluent (finding aural/oral much harder than written!) I would welcome the chance to listen and try to communicate.

We are all struggling at some level with the language so don’t feel one ounce worried about what you can’t say. Moving forward slowly is better than not moving forward is what i have to keep telling myself.

Cheers J.P.


Hi carolski - I go along absolutely with what JP’s just said - no need at all to worry about fluency or lack of it.

For the (first?) Charlbury ramble it’s looking as if 4, 5 & 6 April are going to be the dates that suit the most people (see Doodle poll on the other Oxford thread: http://doodle.com/ru3882ad8si3y9du) - would you be able to make one of those days? If not, and all goes well, there’s no reason why we can’t arrange more rambles later from Charlbury or from somewhere else. By the way, previously we’ve discussed also organising a meetup from time to time in Oxford on a Saturday or a Sunday, which could be another possibility, if that works for you?


Just to repeat my post just now to the main Oxford group (sorry, I’m a bit vague about how to link the two topics)

Seems either Sat 4th, Sun 5thg or Mon 6th April is best for most (Pippa, Mike, JP, Jenny and me). JP suggested a Sat as cafes more likely to be open, so shall we say Saturday 4the April if that’s still OK for people? JP’s idea of meeting at midday also seems a good idea and would allow more time for those not based in Oxford to get there.
Where to meet? There are several pubs/cafes in Charlbury (see: http://www.charlbury.info/eat-and-drink) - can anyone recommend one?

In case anyone’s missed it, on the main Oxford group page: Oxford Welsh learners group ramblingjohn is suggesting a Thames/Port Meadow ramble starting out from Oxford station on 9th or 10th May

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Should anyone have missed it under the main Oxford group topic, an update about the next Oxford group meetup and ramble.

We’ll be meeting at 12:00 by the bull statue opposite the station steps, next to the wall of the Said Business School and we’ll have a break at one of the pubs. If you want to see where we’re thinking of going, JP’s posted a map of the suggested route for the ramble under the main Oxford group topic http://forum.saysomethingin.com/uploads/default/_optimized/85f/603/b6b4ccd145_406x500.JPG

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Well, I’ll post some photos here (I hope!), and keep the main Oxford thread (relatively) free… :smile:

Our starting point, opposite Oxford gorsaf rheilfordd. We see the “ych” in “Rhydychen”
@johnwilliams_6 ar chwith, @ramblingjohn ar dde.

Ducklings, by the river Thames.

Get thee to a nunnery…Godstow, in this case. Scene of historical scandals, so John W tells me. Yn anfoddus, my Welsh wasn’t up to the salacious details! More study needed…

Interesting plaque, nearby.

Y dau Johns discuss the finer points of Wolvercote (canal) lock.

For some reason, John W is not convinced…

If you wan’t a pirate party…here’s your man!

Fairly hippy-ish area is Oxford canal side …

You’ve seen plenty of pictures from @ramblingjohn , well, here he is in action.


Ah you caught me unawares there, and today has me searching for a mystery insect that looked like a wasp but is something else.

They sure liked the sunny spot and i caught one in flight, the closest match i have so far is a type of paper wasp (but not certain).

and the goslings sure get the cute vote of the day.

I wasn’t the only old ruin on the trail.

Great fun talking to a duck in the pub garden for a tea stop and the weather deserves a mention, no rain.

Cheers J.P.


Probably a good idea to repeat here what I posted on the ‘Different day for Oxford Meetups?’ thread (http://forum.saysomethingin.com/t/different-day-for-oxford-meetups/2514 )

On last Saturday’s Oxford ramble we were discussing a possible change of
day for the regular Oxford monthly meetups. Tuesday nights are
difficult for some, and choosing another weekday might give more people
the opportunity to get along to the meetups. Another thought was
perhaps having a 2nd monthly meetup on a Saturday or Sunday, roughly 2
weeks after the weekday meeting (we’d still have rambles as well, of
What do people think? Even if - and, indeed, especially if

  • you haven’t made it to one of the meetups yet, do let us know which
    day or days suit best.
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