Ooh, look, some Manx!

[Just in case you’re not looking in the ‘Other Languages’ forum and don’t notice this… :slight_smile: ]


THANK YOU!!! This is awesome.

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You’re hugely welcome! Thank you for your enthusiasm… :sunny: :thumbsup:

Ifan will be curing the common cold next week :smile:

Great stuff, it’s brilliant to see the SSi family of languages expanding at last, and all the effort that has gone into the 'Borg beginning to reap the benefits! It would be great to see Cornish completed, then some Scots Gaelic, as well as mainstream languages, joining in the fun.



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If not the other, I’m curious. So flying there!

I thought this would be in News category though. :slight_smile: (too)

Nothing from exploaring. Only Welsh I can get. The button for selecting languages does not work. I don’t think I’d be heard/obeyed, but I’m tagging @Kinetic anyway.


@tatjana, in the upper left corner of the screen, you have to click on where it says “SSi…”, not where it has the name of a language (i.e. not where it says Welsh in my picture). Somewhat counter-intuitive, I think.

I can see Manx in the list of languages that pops up. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

This truly is a fantastic development for SSi. Congratulations to all involved in the SSi team!

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Wow!! I never even thought about learning Manx, but I’ve got to try this!! And 18 lessons all ready to go…this is amazing! Well done and thank you :smile:

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Thanks @AnnaC. I should be kind of “tech” person and then fail on such simple task as clicking on the tab next instead of the one it seams I should click on. :slight_smile:

I found now. Thx.

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Dim problem. It took me some clicking to figure it out, so I don’t think you need to worry about your “tech” status. You are still our resident guru! :smile: :sunny: Enjoy!

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You saved my life for the 2nd time already. I’m in debt. - hehe :slight_smile:

OK, back to Manx. …

Interesting … but when trying to say things in Manx I actually say them in Cymraeg … :slight_smile:

O, boy, I’m already deep in Cymraeg obviously.

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Shouldn’t ‘Welsh’ be what you click on to get to the homepage for Welsh? That’s what we figured - with the hope that people who want ‘everything you’ve got’ will tend to go all the way to the top left. But we’d be very grateful for any alternative suggestions - it’s always tricky to get this stuff perfect :slight_smile:

You have to clikc on “SSi” to get list of languages. I begin on Welsh page anyway (it drops me there automatically). However if I put this the way I figured out you thought it should be then it’s logical. It’s just that I need a day or two to adapt to different things since previously you had to click on the name of the language/site to get the list of languages.

I’m actually trying to figure out what would be best to do when there would/will be more then 20 languages for example. Dropdown menu will begin to be too long …

Actually, I guess it just felt like that, but you actually had to click on a down arrow… :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think we’ll have to go to an extra layer, maybe geographic…

When I was looking at this, I was already on the home page, so I wasn’t realizing that the “Welsh” button was a homepage button. It didn’t do anything when I clicked it, since I was already there. It’s redundant on this page - I already know I’m in Welsh, so it seemed (to me) that I should click “Welsh”, the language choice, to get the list of other languages.

Now I see that if I’m on a lesson page, that button takes me back to the Welsh home page. I guess the funny thing is that I personally don’t ever go back to the home page when I use the site…if I want to change the lesson, I click “See all challenges” and that brings up the pop-up menu, which is all I need.

The fact the the “SSI…” button has the ellipsis implies that it’s a button for other choices, so that helped me realize I should click there.

So no worries - the site is fantastic and clearly a ton of thought and effort has made a very polished and user-friendly experience. I think your logic is sound. I’m generally pretty good with tech stuff (not like Tatjana, though :slight_smile: ) but I can sometimes take the roundabout route to get where I’m going. Let’s just say my brain is unique and leave it at that :blush:

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:slight_smile: I always think if I’ve managed to confuse one person, I’ve managed to confuse lots of others, too. Great point about not needing it to go ‘home’ when that’s where you already are… that needs some thought, I think - maybe it stops being a link on that page, or something like that. I’d certainly agree it’s not a link that many people would need (but I’m sure if we didn’t have it somewhere, someone would want it…;)).

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Of course they would! :slight_smile:

I think the challenge with designing a site like this is making the navigation simple and obvious while keeping the visuals uncluttered and clean. The minimalistic look is fantastic but it does limit options in its own way. I think the team has done a great job.


Not bad idea at all. :slight_smile:

It always takes me to the “Introduction” page.

“Ellipsis”? That’s how the three dots are called? If yes this should do the trick for me - it usually does - but I’m not sure why it didn’t this time. :slight_smile: (Well, might be my eye doesn’t see as good as before anymore … but that’s another story not to be told here though, so you can easily dismiss this last “observation”).

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Yes, this is what I mean by “home page”, because I am always logged in and so this is what I always see. Recently you made a comment in another thread about liking the changes to the home page, and I was confused because I didn’t see anything different. I later figured out that you must be talking about the home page you get if you are not logged in!

I really want to try Cornish at some point, but I think I’d do the same! I think I’d better be more solid with my Welsh before I start playing with another Celtic language and confusing myself. I’m not a polyglot like you :slight_smile:

Oh, @AnnaC, a polyglot in me is a diyng a bit. I’m still trying to “stay on course” with all languages I already know but with some this doesn’t go too well anymore though.

But Manx in interesting to listen to. I’ve quick forwarded through the lesson yesterday and found it very interesting.