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I was working in Mallorca this week supporting a group of cyclist as their back up vehicle/ bike mechanic. As I was coming into Bunyola I noticed a cyclist fixing a puncture so I went to help and to offer the use of a track pump. The cyclist turned out to be a Norwegian gent. “Where are you from?” he asked
" Wales" I replied.
“Oh, you know Geraint Thomas!”
Great that Geraint has put Wales firmly on the cycling map!

At least I didn’t have to say bear England!

I was wondering if anyone else has been surprised that people know where Wales is?


It’s the same as it happens to Slovenia. Only sports people, a cupple of scientists and odds like me are putting the little tiny country in the shape of chicken on the map. :slight_smile:

Well done Cymru!


Come ooooon, most people in Europe know where Wales and Slovenia are!

Although I have to admit I’m afraid not many people could name a famous ‘someone’ from these two countries as easily (just like many smaller countries).

Cor example…I had never heard the name geraint Thomas until now!

What does bear England mean, by the way?

Possibly a typo for near

Oh I thought it was a definition I didn’t know!

I’m hoping it’s not :smiley:

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@JohnYoung is correct…it’s a typo… should say ‘near England’ …I am always fed up when people say “Ah, Wales…that’s in England, isn’t it?”

Geraint Thomas winning the Tour de France has definitely brought Wales forward on the sporing map…along with Gareth Bale. Great to see them both proud of their Welsh heritage too.


It’s also good that S4C has some great Tour de France coverage. Better (as in more comprehensive) than English language TV, I would say. Not that I follow it quite as closely as I used to, but I’m glad it’s there! :slight_smile:

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I love this :slight_smile:



“You’ve just got off a bus in Cardiff”
“Cheers Drive!”

(I heard someone say that in Oxford the other day).

A small pizza cafe next to the football stadium in Napoli:

Us: “Can you fit three of us in?”
Waiter with little English: “Three people? Yes! Where you from?”
Us: “Wales.”
Waiter: “Belgium?”
Us: “No, Wales. Gareth Bale.”
Waiter: “Oh.” [walks off and speaks to a waitress - I think telling her that she’s got our table. She walks over]
Waitress: “So you from Belgium?”

I’m quite fond of Flanders, so I didn’t mind being Belgian for a bit, though I suspect they had mixed up Wales and Wallonie.
Pizzas were superb, of course - it was Napoli after all.


That was funny and definitely very Napolitanean. :smile:

However, I’m ready to bet that if you say you’re from “Galles” most Italians do know where it is.

But “Wales” doesn’t sound like Gahl-lèh-ss at all!
You can’t even figure how Wales is spelled easily from the way it’s pronounced!
Of course people think of Belgium! :grin:

So you didnt mention Gareth Thomas?

What is the last sentence the guy in the YouTube video says - right before blinking?
I understand it’s supposed to be the best of the video and…I don’t understand anything! :smile:

I have to admit that Scotland must have been much more clever to advertise itself as a somehow separate entity from England, and its celebrities to be “Scottish” rather than “British” or even…er…“English”.

To tell the truth, if just a few months ago if you had asked me to name famous Welsh people, right away I would have only been able to say Dylan Thomas (besides Dave & Pat of Datblygu, of course).
Then if you gave me a few minutes to think, I’d remember that one of my all time favorite musicians is known for a U.S.A.-based band, but was born in Wales: John Cale.
And very sorry for Wales but that would be it.

Then doing some searches, I’d remember or realize there’s quite a few more bands I know that are from Wales, but they sang in English, and I always tended to think of them as English! Same for other celebrities in any field. :anguished:
(while for some reason, I tend to remember Scottish as Scottish).

It sounds like he was asking: “When was the last time that England won a major tournament/competition?”

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