On Facebook? Want to learn Welsh more quickly?

I’ve just started a group on Facebook to talk in more detail about my experiences over the last couple of years working (one-on-one and in small groups) to take people through the High Intensity Language Training approach I’ve been developing.

Now I’d like to share the lessons from that work, so that anyone who wants to can copy exactly what I’ve been doing.

But I don’t want to do it here on the forum, because it’s important that our learners don’t feel under pressure to go as quickly as possible - slowly and leisurely is every bit as good.

If you’re like me, though, and naturally impatient, come along and send a ‘join’ request to the Facebook group:


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@Deborah-SSi - ebost ogydd? :sunny:

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I’ve learned pretty quickly (but not as quick as some of your brave pioneers!) and am up to a decent standard now after 2 years or so. So I don’t necessarily want to learn Welsh more quickly, but I’ve asked to join the group because I find the whole process really interesting. Hope that’s OK!

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Yes, I’d quite like to know if joining just because of interest is ok, or if folks need to be actively willing to torture themselves with this rapid learning stuff :slight_smile:

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Aha … me to. :slight_smile:

Done :smile:
Request pending.

And me:)

You’re just the right person for this I believe @chris. You’ll do very well, I have no doubt.

Absolutely! You might find that some of the bits and pieces I suggest can be transplanted and used in less frenetic circumstances - so more than happy to have fellow travellers along for the ride, as well as would-be gallopers… :sunny:


I’v always resisted using Facebook but I guess I’ll have to change my mind because this sounds really interesting.I’ll just go and find my IT consultant, otherwise known as my son, and ask him to assist with doing the necessary.Very useful things sons!


Hmmmm … one more of a kind … my IT consultant (or maybe better IT partner in my case) also known as my son - just left my headquarters here after he amused me for split 5 minutes with some odd conversation in German though. :slight_smile:

Yah, it’s useful to have them around no matter how skilled we might be (in IT matters I think). I’d rather not say anything about his Cymraeg. Every time he hears me speaking Cymraeg he just doesn’t have the clue what I’m talking about and looks puzzled at me like “ummm … mom, what did you just say?” :slight_smile:

And, yes, FB is useful thing for those matters especially when SSi or Aran himself are involved in happenings.

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Yes, my son’s not much help with Cymraeg either, although I have heard him muttering cysgu, dysgu siarad to himself so perhaps he is picking up a little.

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Hehe … my husband for the change rather shouts “hoffi coffi!” at least this is what he learnt listening to me. :slight_smile:

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Ah, diolch yn fawr iawn Tatjana :smile:

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Very useful things sons!

Agree entirely. I was considering getting one of mine a T-shirt that said: “IT support. Have you turned it off and on again?”

Then my mother and (PC-using) son came to visit at the same time, and son was trying to show his grandmother something on YouTube on her iPad, and she had to show him how to use it! Gave me a very good laugh, did that…

Sorry - veering sharply off topic here.


Sounds like it could be helpful and very interesting. I’m up for trying it!

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Well now when I say something to my daughter in Welsh and then start to repeat it in English, she stops me with a “Dad, I got what you said the first time round!”

And my daughter has had no formal Welsh training at all. So all we need to do now is move to Wales and she should have a flying start.


My son is in his twenties now and I think he only says these words because he thinks they sound amusing. He does know what they mean though. I guess if you have younger children the will learn a lot if you play the lessons when they are around. I always try to make sure I don’t have an audience. I managed to open my facebook account unaided- easy really-but haven’t been able too add a profile picture yet. Probably a blessed relief all round. I thought if I can learn Welsh I can learn anything!



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Well, I’m pretty delighted by how this group is going - fantastic input from some hugely enthusiastic people, with 6 intensive days already undertaken in the group - I think it’s going to turn into a remarkable resource for people who are interested in testing their limits… :sunny: