Older learners - 70+, or ideally 80+

There’s a journalist at the Guardian who wants to do a story about older learners - so I said I’d share her details on here. I suspect most of her responses so far have come from women, because she asked me specifically if I could find a man in his 80s, but I think she’d welcome anything from anyone 70+… :sunny:

If you’re happy to have a chat with her today or tomorrow, her email address is sarah.johnson@theguardian.com.

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I’ll be eligible and willing after 8th May … D.V. :wink:

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Seventy’s the new fifties…

I’m eligible and happy to chat about continued learning to anyone who might be interested.

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Thanks, folks - I think she’s had a decent amount of response, so fingers crossed we’ll see an interesting article at some point (and who knows, maybe she’ll be one of the few who don’t edit out references to particular courses…;-)).

And sixties is the new forties, but forties was already the new twenties, so I’m just a spring chicken in his twenties after all… :hatched_chick: :baby_chick: :hatching_chick::hatched_chick: :smile:

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And I’m a sprightly auld hen at 76.


It’s great to say with enthusiasm: “I’m too young”. Makes a change!