Old course lessons vs challenges

Greetings hive mind! I’m doing the Old Course and am wondering where the challenges fit into the lessons. I’ve not found any instructions as to when to start to include them with my learning pattern. Any thoughts muchly appreciated! I’ve just finished lesson 6 and hoping that it’s true that it all gets easier from here on, though I’m loving it all. I did several years of formal Welsh lessons in London (at a certain literary institute…) and came away not really understanding anything or able to string a sentence together. SSiW has certainly changed all that - thank you.

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The challenges are all linked to the new course, not the old one, which is why there are no instructions relating to the old course lessons.

Thanks. I wonder why then they appear on the old course home page, seems a bit odd. Are the vocabulary sessions the same? they’re on the course home page too.

I wonder why then they appear on the old course home page

They don’t for me. I just checked. :man_shrugging:

What’s the link to the “old course home page”? You can usually see both the new course and the old course, but there is a warning if you’re doing the old course that the new course is … well, newer!

You can access them both from the same place though. We don’t have two separate websites for them.