Old Course Instructions

I have finished the new course and am now on lesson 6 of the old course. I like the lessons in this course and have filled in a lot of gaps in my learning. I have seen that there are weekly practices and daily practices but I can’t see any instructions as to how and when to use them.

Would someone be able to let me know, please?


Helo @Tony_Davis, the old course is no longer actively supported, so those Weekly and Daily Practices are no longer available.

Many people do find the old course material very useful though. It’s great to hear that you’re enjoying using it.


I agree about the old course. Early on it teaches a lot about yes and no, which I found very useful. Later, it gets into some mutations, and that was very informative too.

I’d like to see some of that brought back into the current course, because I found it very odd that even after completing Level 3 I couldn’t actually answer yes or no to most questions!


My answer wasn’t totally correct the first time. If you go to ‘Learn’ then ‘Challenges’ and scroll down to ‘Old Material’ you can find ‘Weekly Practices’ and ‘Daily Practices’ there, but as far as I know, they’re not supported as they were, so they don’t change on a weekly or daily basis.