Old Course 1 -> New Course 2

Hi all

It was almost emotional as I finished lesson 26 of old course 1! That was as far as I originally intended to go - but Welsh has somewhat taken over my life :wink: so on we go.

I want to subscribe and support SSIW after the progress I made on the old course. So, do I just segue into new course 2, or is it not that simple? I would rather not start from the very beginning, as I only get through around two lessons a week due to often having to repeat them, plus I’m also working on my Welsh in other ways, TV, radio, Duo, reading, etc. Anyone know both courses?


The content of the old course and new course are actually quite different. Level 2 of the new course will assume that you’ve learnt things which weren’t necessarily taught by Level 1 of the old course.

I would have recommended starting with the new course first, but as you’ve started with the old one instead, it’s probably best to stick with that. I think bouncing back and forth between old and new would limit the benefits of either, by putting you up against material that’s inconsistent with what you’ve been learning.

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Thanks Alan. I can see your point, it wouldn’t matter so much with new input but when asked to remember something you didn’t hear at all in Level 1 would be quite frustrating.

First of all: well done for finishing the first Course!:star2:

As for how to go on from there, I would suggest to go for the new course, from level one.

The reason being that be new course is way more efficient (I cannot remember all details, but if you search in the forum you can find more about how it is based on various studies about learning).

And if you’ve done the old course, it’s going to be easier - as you’ll find something familiar -so I would expect you to go be able to go faster
But there’s also a lot that you haven’t seen in the old course and as it’s been noted before, it will be part of Level 2 and 3. So it works better if you start from Lesson one

I don’t think you’re going to find it boring, as it’s quite different and also it feels so good when you find something you already know and the sentence just flows…yessss! :smile:

Just my opinion, anyway, and you may as well just try the first lessons, see how it goes and then decide! Pob lwc!


I would agree with @gisella-albertini Bob. You’ll find that you can fly through a lot of Level 1, but there will be other things quite new to you, or presented in a different way which will get you using the Welsh you know already combined with the new material. I don’t think it will be boring at all, and it will give you a good springboard into Level 2.

Da iawn ti!


Well since I’m in no rush to reach any arbitrary level, there’s no harm in going from the beginning again, it’ll feel like being the best student in the class. For a while :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
To be honest the old course has been so much fun it won’t be a chore starting again. And I might finally get my tongue around “na fyddi, fyddi di ddim yn…” - I gave up trying last time!


I’m just about to finish Duolingo, having done the new Say Something in Welsh course beforehand. I’ve also been doing the old SSiW course as a bit of revision, with the chance to expand my knowledge as it includes material not covered by the new course. SSiW is definitely the way to go, but for me Duolingo has served its purpose in expanding my vocabulary. It’s all going to be about conversation classes, Welsh TV and radio (plus the advanced SSiW material) from now on.
The old and new courses overlap in places, but are also very different in parts. I think you’re best starting with the new SSiW course from level 1, as it’s designed to get you speaking.
Having done the old course level one, plus Duolingo, you’ll fly through a lot of it, particularly the early challenges, but it’ll be a good form of consolidation before moving on.
I wouldn’t worry about finding it too repetitive or easy, as it’ll still challenge your brain and get you manipulating new material as well as stuff you have learnt previously.
Then you can always do the old course levels 2 and 3 afterwards if you wish.


I did the old courses after doing the new - I can no longer remember in quite what sequence, but I may well have done Old 1 after I’d already finished New 2. Given the amount of repetition built into them, and the fact that I’d covered a lot, but not all, of the same ground already, I actually did something like every second lesson instead of every single one, and found I just about kept my head above water that way.


Ok, diolch! Well that’s settled then, I’m going to run through one or two of the old vocabulary lessons then get stuck into New 1.

Should the beginning of New 1 be a bit below my current level, I’ll progress pretty quickly as the time-consuming part of Old 1, for me, was having to re-do lessons once and sometimes twice (I’m looking at you, Na fyddi, fyddi di ddim…), so rather than skip the early ones I’ll hopefully just fly through one a day. Looking forward to it!



As per the thread, I decided to sign up and begin the new course from Level 1 Challenge 1 :slight_smile:

Having done that, my confirmation email tells me I’ve signed up for “6 minutes a day”.

Is this right, or have I clicked on the wrong course? I’ve just checked my phone app, and the New Course challenges are downloading, so I’m good to go, right?

Yes, you’re in the right place. The new course is called “6 minutes a day” to encourage a ‘minimum chunk’, but you don’t have to stick to just 6 minutes if you want to go faster. You’re good to go!

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Ah diolch! Ffîw :slight_smile:
Hoping to make some fairly rapid progress on the earlier challenges, having done the old course 1, but famous last words…!


Just to update in case anyone else is facing a similar decision:

I’m just finishing challenge 3 of the new course. I’d say it was only challenge 1 that felt on the “too easy” side, but the rest has been keeping me busy and making mistakes. Kudos to anyone who’s done the new course from 0!

Thanks for all the advice, onwards and upwards!


Da iawn ti! We’ll have to try to arrange another Welsh meetup before the end of the year! At a time when Begotxu can come along too.

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Da iawn Robert, the old course is very good too, I’m on level 1, lesson 12, loads of new vocab and content


Diolch Deborah! Yes, that would be lovely! Hopefully I’ll have improved a bit since the last one :wink:

@stephen-22 Diolch! Yes, I’ve used other resources in parallel but the old course has been the cornerstone as it gave me the confidence to open my mouth and hope some Welsh came out!
I feel like the speaking gaps are shorter in the new course :face_with_peeking_eye: