Old course 1 - couple of questions

I’ve side-stepped onto old course 1 for a while- am wondering about the difference in saying “I Can” in the old versus new courses? We learnt galla’i in new course but old one is dw i’n gallu - just wondered why the change- also the change to unrhywbeth for anything- are both versions still ok or was it more used now in conversation? Also- with adding the extra i with “i wneud e” etc- have I got it right when I think you said the “i” is sometimes dropped? Really loving doing the old course as I’ve already had lots of practice with things I needed to eg Wnes i and Bydda i’n etc - is complementing new course well! Plus despite only being on old course 1 lesson 6 I’ve already picked up some new verbs- handy ones too! :smile:


Hi, the old course was great for short forms of verbs. So in welsh, you have a choice of constructions.
A bit like “I can/I am able” in English but not quite.
Its easier to compare to English in past tense.
I bought/I did buy (was buying)
Prynes i/nes i brynu.


You can’t go wrong with the old course 1! I am just finishing it (North), and had a practically 3 hour conversation yesterday in Welsh (more about which in another post!) Check out the vocabulary lessons too - in the app, they’re at the bottom underneath lesson 26.

There were times I would have town my hair out if I had any: Fyddi di ddim yn… I still cannot get my tongue around those type of sentences and end up just shouting random gibberish over poor Catrin!

It is certainly useful to have those extra verb forms in your armoury - I find when speaking I am over-reliant on “Dw i…” and “Nes i…” and should really try to use the short forms to avoid repetition perhaps.

Will be moving over to New Course 2 once I’m finished :slight_smile:


I think the old course uses “dw i’n gallu” because it’s easier to learn when you’re doing a load of other “dw i’n” based sentence constructions as well. Both ways are correct and will be understood, though “galla’i” will probably sound more natural.

Eventually, though, the old course does really get into the thick of short form verbs like “galla’i”. I think it’s in Level 3 of the old course, it really starts doing a load of them.


PS. I’m leaving the other questions to somone else, to dave hogging the forum to myself :smiley:

Level 3 Lesson 25 is a final killer, Fair play :smiley:

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I hadn’t heard “ti ddim” before - very handy to know also!