Old boys membership

I have done all three levels, and wondered if there is any type of membership that essentially just allows access to the forum articles now that I already have paid for all the lessons?v

I am aware that some members pay less than half of my £10 month which is now not the value it previously was.

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Congratulations on competing the challenge levels. A great achievement.

Are you aware of the old course three levels, “Advanced Content” course and the Welsh Speaking Practice? Sorry for stating the obvious, if you already are.

I think that some long term members have the option of continuing to pay their original subscription value, although many have voluntarily increased theirs.

I’m not aware of any minimum mandatory charge for accessing and being an active member of the forum. Actually, I’m not aware that there is a charge, but I’m trying not to put my foot in it :smiley: I’m guessing that you will be very welcome to take part and help others in their journeys.


I am learning Welsh in traditional classes elsewhere but dip in and do a month or two of SSIW during the summer when there is not enough going on locally. It is a great aid to increasing my fluency and speed in speaking Welsh. At the moment I am not doing any SSIW courses but can pop in to the forum and say ‘hello’ and encourage others. The £10 a month for access to the levels is great value though and it is always good to revise. Paying also means that the platform has a l
ittle money to keep it running for the many. I think I will sign up again this coming summer and try and do 2 or 3 months. Depends on my health really.