NYC, Times Square: Welsh-language flash mob next week (Mon 26 Oct 2015)!

Passing along info that is making the rounds in America. Anybody who can be in Times Square next Monday evening, go join in!! (I am askng around to find out who sent out the original Facebook notice & will share when I can, in case people have questions.)

Calling Welsh people living/visiting NYC to join in a Welsh Flash Mob in Times Square! Over 350 pupils and teachers from Welsh schools will sing Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau in a Flash Mob in Times Square on Monday Oct 26 (7:00pm). Participating schools include Bro Myrddin (100 pupils) Strade (80 pupils) Llanishen High (45 pupils) Bro Dinefwr, Lampeter (50 pupils) and Aberaeron. Monday, Oct 26th – meeting at 7:00 pm at the elevated steps in Times Square. The whistle will blow to begin singing the anthem at 7:15pm. Please post photos and videos!


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Love this idea. Can’t wait to hear how it goes :sunny:

this is great. hopefully someone can get a decent video.

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Thanks for the heads up! Wish I could have made it - I work Monday nights. :frowning: I hear @joanalciati might be going, though!

Almost at Grand Central. :tada::wine_glass:


You should have seen me leaving the office with a Welsh flag :sunglasses:


Say that someone managed to record this … I’d love to see/hear this, really! (or it wasn’t happening yet …)

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@joanalciati Sut aeth hi?!

Croeso. Bummer you have to miss it.

Any sign of film footage of this yet? I’ve been hanging back from uploading the weekly email hoping to get a link to it!

Aha - just found this


It was fun! Heard lots of Welsh all around us. I met up with Ivan and we went for a drink afterwards. He filmed some of it. Did you see Dee’s video link below?


Or above, as the case may be :sunglasses:

A link to a video of this has also been posted on Clecs, hope this works:


Da iawn pawb!

A fine rendering of the anthem! :slight_smile:

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