NYC Meetup - October 10, 11, or 12?

Hi folks,

Is anyone up for a sgwrs at the Longbow or elsewhere next weekend (afternoon or evening time)?

If so, when and where is good for you? Let us know here so we can coordinate. :smile:

cc: @simonowenwilliams @joanalciati @atomic_newt @lisa_3 @Kinetic

Replying here too, partly for completeness’ sake and partly so I can try out Discourse’s mobile version in anger :smile:

Sunday afternoon works great for me; Manhattan doubly so :slight_smile: But I’m not travel-averse, so wherever really.

Ok, just realised that all is not as it seems on the email conversation. Joanie’s original forum post above triggered an automatic email to all of us that got CC’d, but that email we got was actually from - so for those of you that replied via email, that’s where the responses went, not to Joanie.

Now, I happen to actually receive emails sent to, so I’ve been getting everything, and I’m on my phone so I didn’t notice anything was amiss at first.

The upshot of all this is: those of you who’ve replied via email, bear in mind that your replies went to me (and Aran and Iestyn etc) - not to Joanie - and so we should probably continue the discussion on here.

So everyone gets this by email: @simonowenwilliams @joanalciati @atomic_newt @lisa_3 @joanie

I’ll look into making sure this confusion doesn’t happen again :smile:

I can make any day–though one of the weekend days would be preferable! Longbow is good for me! :smile:

Ooh, who else replied?

Sunday afternoon is good for me, too. I don’t mind going to Lower or Midtown Manhattan if that works best for people.

Jen and Joan both. Joan said “Anyone for Manhattan this time? Early afternoon on Sunday?” which is what I was replying to in my first response :slight_smile:

If I’m not mistaken, I think @simonowenwilliams goes to the Welsh Congregation in Manhattan when it meets once a month, and I think next Sunday is their October service. That may affect timing, if he wants to come.

I will be with you in spirit only – wish I could be there in person to hear about Joanie and Bill’s Bootcamp adventures. (Signed, Diane, sitting here thinking ‘I told you so’ with a mix of smugness and relief.)

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Lol, Diane. Beth alla i weud, ond o ti’n iawn? :wink:


Shw Mae pawb? Ie, gret…mae’n bosib I fi cael gyfarfod yn NYC y penwythnos yma. Basai Dydd Sul y dwirnod gorau I fi. Longbow yn anhosibl yn anfoddus orhewydd y gwasanaeth eglwys. I could make 1pm-3 pm or 5 pm onwards on Sunday, but it would have to be in manhattan… Let me know… Hey by the way you are welcome to come to the service at 3-4 pm and sing some welsh hymns or the te Bach afterwards to meet others from wales if you would like!
Rutgers Presbyterian on 73rd and broadway… No religious affiliation required!

I think I prefer the earlier times rather than the later, but what about anyone else?

How about a good, accessible place to meet on a Sunday; any ideas?

As a general rule I always prefer later to earlier, however if the “early” time is as late as 1pm and it’s in Manhattan, then no problem with that. (However, reaching Bay Ridge by 1pm on a Sunday might mean I’d need to set an alarm ;-))

Suggestions - if it’s a nice day, we could do a lot worse than the 79th St Boat Basin. If we book in advance we could get a table for food overlooking the river! Might not be quite accessible enough though, and might be a bit far uptown for some people. What sort of area would everyone prefer? As I’ve already said, travel’s a non-issue for me (with the one proviso that, if it’s raining, I’d prefer not to go somewhere miles from the subway).

I love being by the water, so boat basin sounds nice but the subways are generally a terror by me on the weekend, so I’d really prefer more Midtownish than the 70s. Unless there’s parking, in which case I would probably drive?

Since it’s looking like Manhattan I’ll probably take the LIRR rather than drive in. From Penn I can easily pick up the subway to pretty much anywhere on the West Side (including the boat basin!)–I’ll just second Ifan’s request to keep our meet up spot close to a subway stop if it’s raining! :slight_smile: Time-wise I’d prefer the 1-3 as it will take me close to 2 hours to travel each way! :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s definitely parking for boats :wink: Not sure about for road vehicles, though…

How are you reaching Manhattan, if not by subway? Where will you be arriving / what would it be helpful for the meeting location to be close to? Sorry for the questions, I just want to make sure I understand your preferences :slight_smile:

(Ych, I really must get round to figuring out how to get rid of these horrible smileys!)

Felly, 1 pm somewhere in midtown ie ? Just let me know where and I’m in.

Not sure if you were asking me? If everyone prefers the boat basin, it’s fine; I’ll just chance it on street parking in the area.

My favorite way to get to Manhattan on the weekend is by boat, actually. It always surprises me how little we utilize our waterways relative to the amount of water everywhere. Ikea has a free water taxi (and a big parking lot) from Red Hook to Pier 11, which I take if I’m going to Lower Manhattan on the weekend.

Agreed on the smileys, lol.

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Haha no way, I’ve seen those yellow boats but didn’t know that’s what they were (or that they were free!). I’ll definitely have to check that out - not that I want to go to IKEA, but I never say no to a free boat ride.

Erm, if you are getting the boat thingy and arriving at Pier 11, then I suggest Fraunces Tavern (Pearl/Broad Sts) - it’s a few mins from there, and the food is great (hopefully @tahl will back me up on this!), plus it’s a really nice building. MIght be a bit pricey for a lunch thing though.

Basically I’m bad at making decisions when I don’t know what everyone wants, and I’m afraid of choosing the wrong thing! And I’m acutely aware of making this more difficult than it needs to be. Feedback eagerly sought :slight_smile:

The boats are free on the weekend - on weekdays, it’s $5 cash or a $5 receipt from Ikea. I think it was free on weekdays originally, too, but too many people used it to commute to work. :smile:

I work right over there (on Broadway between Beaver and Stone streets) by Fraunces Tavern - it is a nice place! But since no one else but me complained about the boat basin, let’s just stick with it? Jen said she can get anywhere pretty easily from Penn, and it’s also convenient for Simon’s church thing.

Just one question - when I googled boat basin, I came up with 79th street - is there a specific address/target of where we’re going to go?

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oh man! And I just was figuring out if I could find my way to Fraunces Tavern–I can–and I’ve never been!! But if everyone’s for Boat Basin I guess the Tavern can wait for another time! sigh

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