Now what

Helo helo helo

Finished level 3 ta dah

Want to crack on but what next?

Seen chat on here about old courses and advanced stuff but … what are they? Where are they? Why are they?

Will somebody just tell me what to do please (and how) diolch yn fawr iawn

In my opinion … go over the last lessons to keep it fresh in your mind or do the listening work, whatever, but …


Chat to anyone that’ll listen.

Read some more.

S4C and Radio Cymru.

Read again.

No kidding, reading is the single best thing you can do.

Books, magazines, leaflets, letters, websites, posters, roadsigns, catalogues. Everything.


I’ve found it really helpful going through the old course. It’s basically an earlier version of the current course, but it covers some things that don’t really get much attention in the main course - things like the various ways to say yes and no, and some more specific stuff about mutation.


Ah thank you Mr. G. I’m sure you’re right. Will try. Have just really enjoyed the structure and progress of the courses. But thank you.

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And thank you alan-c too. Love a course. But. Where is it? How do I find it? Cheers.

I got it from here:

Terrific thank you!

The ‘Advanced content’ is great too, but (as with the Old course) only accessible if you sign in on a web broswer, not via the app.
Look on the drop-down menu under where it says ‘Learn’.
Lots of audio material marked as North/Gog or South/De, many with transcripts, and lots of advice on the forum as to how to get the best out of it if you search this forum for ‘advanced content’.

I can access both via the Android app. I wouldn’t know about apps on other platforms.

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Ah ha, Web not app.

Ok that’s me sorted…
Old courses for revision and consolidation
Advanced for brain training
And resolved do more extra curric stuff as advised

Off I go. Thank you really so much for your advice ! X