[now starting to publish] Level 3 northern

Ahem…they’re not bugs…they are features :wink:


Undocumented features :wink:


Oh the suspense is killing me! There’s only so much memrise i can do in a day! :wink:


Ooo, I did! The day started just slippery fine. :slight_smile: [quote=“aran, post:18, topic:6939”]
Looks as though there’s a slim chance we might still beat Friday 13th… :slight_smile:

All the best! I just did mine comming home:) [quote=“margaretwerdermann, post:19, topic:6939”]
We’ll be patient!

Aye … patience is mother of wisdom so, yes. :slight_smile: [quote=“aran, post:20, topic:6939”]
about those gremlins…:wink:

Aha, I know about them too but it’s the whole computer occupied with gremlins in my case. it just doesn’t want to start, then you hit it slightly and it starts. :slight_smile: What a piece of technology, huh?

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just to whet people’s appetites i think i found a leaked transcript…sorry @aran :wink:

The welsh for disappointed is “siomedig”…“sio…med…ig”, “siomedig”.


Female voice “siomedig”
Male voice “siomedig”

“I’m feeling disappointed now”

Female voice “Dwi’n teimlo’n siomedig rwan”
Male voice “Dwi’n teimlo’n siomedig rwan”

“You won’t feel disappointed next week will you?”

Female voice “Wnei di ddim teimlo’n siomedig wythnos nesa, na wnei?”
Male voice “Wnei di ddim teimlo’n siomedig wythnos nesa, na wnei?”


Better to spit roast it over an open fire until it promises to behave, this will also keep you warm. Have you tried switching it off and back on again?



So, it seemed as though we had a fix - but the lessons that are being produced at the moment have got the ends of some words clipped off, which won’t do.

So I’m afraid we’re going to have to park this over the weekend and then try and get the trimming tool to work properly next week.

I apologise sincerely for getting your hopes up - my fault for not triple checking - and I hope we’ll have four new lessons ready for you at some point next week, gremlins permitting.

Onwards and upwards! :slight_smile:


Rather you released it when it’s ready than have glitches, very happy to wait :slight_smile:


Quoting the above is, at this point, my only comment…
:fire: :stuck_out_tongue: :fire:


Sufficient. :slight_smile:

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So is anyone revisiting the last few challeges of level2 in readiness for next week?

Will be great to have new challenges to complete before mini bwtcamp!


ROFL, @Y_Ddraig_Las! I read that, and it was Roy’s voice from The IT Crowd in my head! :grin:

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…and, yet, we still love you!!! :wink: The SSiW team is the best. We will survive until it’s ready.


Yes! That’s the plan.


@aran, I see we now have the first session - woohoo:) Could I please request that you continue to flag new sessions in the news section of the forum too as i dont tend to read through the rest of the forum much & the news section is where I look out for them. Thanks, Mezx


I can’t see it :frowning:

Er, do we?! First I’ve heard of it…:wink:

I had to do a little set of re-records on a few phrases that the computer had recorded with the wrong microphone, and now (to the best of my knowledge) we’re just waiting for the trimming monster to be killed off… :slight_smile:


Does gen i ddim digon o amynedd!!! Dwi’n dechrau teimlo’n pryderus rwan! Does dim dwywaith amdani, bydd rhaid i mi gwneud fideo arall, a dwi’n addo, wna i ganu. Ti ddim isio clywed hynny!!!

I do not have enough patience !!! I am starting to feel anxious now! There’s no doubt about it, I’ll have to make another video, and I promise, I will sing. You do not want to hear that !!!

Just kidding. :wink:

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Ifan is travelling today, but we’re hoping we might have some good news tomorrow… :slight_smile:


Dylen ni ganu yn gylid. :smile: