Not Welsh, but Ellis James and Issy Suttie in BBC Radio 4 Extra comedy quiz - quite fun

Sorry, this is nothing to do with Welsh, but I know there are some fans of Ellis James and Isy Suttie here.

They are both in this episode of a comedy quiz show introduced by Susan Calman:


It’s quite fun if you’ve nothing better to do, and fancy a laugh.


Elis James’s new Programme on S4C is on this evening followed by “Stand Yp” (Here’s hoping my dad doesn’t hog the telly :angry:)

Why don’t you record it, Sebastian? Then you can watch at your leisure. Or, if you have a laptop or tablet, watch it online.

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I’m afraid I can’t record something on the telly while someone whatches something else.
I’d love to watch online but unfortunately (the BBC at least) doesn’t allow foreign IP addresses (like my German one) to watch on the BBC iPlayer (except radio) I assume that S4C may be the same.
Sadly I do not have the IT skills necessary in order to fool the servers into thinking I have an English IP address :tired_face:
But thanks for trying to help solve it!