**Not Running** 2018 July Bwtcamp: 21 - 28 July

2018 July Bwtcamp - 21-28 July

Hallo, potential bwtcampwyr!

I have a date for July: Sat 21st - Saturday 28th July. Who is interested in coming?

As always, once we have enough interest expressed here, I will give you a week or two’s notice of opening booking, and then it will be a free for all, first come first serve to book places. Be warned - every bwtcamp sold out over the first weekend last year!

So, let me know below who’s interested in coming!

If you need more details about bwtcamp, take a look at our 2018 Bwtcamp thread here

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Definitely want to do this

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Yes please, and my friend please

Come on folks I really want to do this.

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I’d love to do it too.
I already have leave booked that week as it is the last week in my leave year and I have to use it or lose it, but no plans.
However, I already have a few ‘solo’ activities booked in the coming weeks and having too much fun on my own gets frowned upon so negotiations are continuing with C-in-C Home Command… :wink:

C in C could come too?

What could be better than a week heb Saesneg?

She speaks not a word of Welsh and has no interest in learning, so I can’t see that working.

Not much. Not much at all.

As I said, negotiations continue…

Right - this is looking a bit sparse at the moment, and we are beginning to get a bit close to the date.

At the moment, we have 2 definites, 1 very likely, 1 who may not be allowed, and on (not on the forum) other possible. I think we need to put a closing date on the expression of interest and say that unless we are a lot closer by the end of next week - that’s Saturday 16th June, we’ll have to can this date and move on to the September slot that I have pencilled in with Tresaith.

(PLEASE DON’T EXPRESS AN INTEREST IN SEPTEMBER HERE. I’m easily confused, and don;t do multi tasking well at all…)

So - roll up: If you are interested in the July bootcamp, you need to let us know in the next 12 days!


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Hello Iestyn. I would definitely be interested in coming on the July bootcamp, if it goes ahead. I need an injection of solid Welsh for a week!
Carys Tew


Well Susanne and I are definitely up for it :blush:

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I am expressing my interest. Just what I need to make the August eisteddfod a more enjoyable experience.

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I’m also expressing an interest - would love to do this!


If this doesn’t happen, is one likely to happen in August or September? Really keen!

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Me too! C’mon learners. Let’s do this :+1:t2:


Bore da. Still looking a bit sparse. I’m hoping there will be a sudden flurry of interest today :grimacing:

I’m in. There will be a price to pay but I’m in.

And, if we don’t have enough for it to run, I’ll be off to Llangollen and Ffestiniog for some family history research.

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How many more are needed?