Nice article about mobile librarian in Powys, back in the day

Not to do with the Welsh language, but I thought it was a nice article:


Really interesting especially the librarian thinking the mobile library wouldn’t continue. It’s not perhaps covering the area it once did but it’s most definitely still going.

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We still had one on Gower when I moved up here to Scotland, where we don’t, but are within 2.5 miles of a town! The Gower one didn’t go down tracks. It stopped in strategic locations and folk had to walk to it to change their books. It was virtually impossible to order books and I soon ran out of any I wanted to read, so gave up and went back to filling my growing number of bookcases!

One of the people in my first ever Welsh course was a young woman from Newbridge on Wye who had just got a job on the Radnorshire mobile library. She was trying to expand her career options by reviving the Welsh she had learnt at school. I lost touch with her as our learning journeys diverged, but I’d like to think she’s still out there somewhere providing a bi-lingual library service to the people of Wales.