Newport / Casnewydd - Quiz Night / Noson Gwis gyda Ieuan Rhys (Pobol y Cwm, Gwaith / Cartref)

Cwis dwyieithog gyda’r actor Ieuan Rhys yng Ngwesty’r Queens, Casnewydd - Tachwedd 11eg 2016

Bilingual quiz with the actor Ieuan Rhys at the Queens Hotel, Newport - 11th November 2016

Manylion ar y poster

Details on the poster


This Friday! 11/11/16

Croeso cynnes i bawb

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Too far by far for me to come, but it sounds like a lovely idea. I hope you get lots of support.

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I’m planning on being there, hopefully with Team SSiW Casnewydd. The time before last we came second, and the only reason we lost it on the tie break question was because SSiW hasn’t taught me how to say big numbers (What’s the population of Newport, was the tie break question)


It’s the halfway point and team SSiW are 1 point in front.

Big thanks to my sister for making me watch all those episodes of baywatch - the Hoff’s character name was a question

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Though it’s looking like the round “black and white photocopies of female singers” is going to be our Vietnam

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Well. Take a bow @llanddinol, @cuckoo, and Ron. Champions! (We’ll gloss over the three team turnout). All you Newport based fans of gwaith cartref missed a treat - Ieuan Rhys was charming

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