New vs Old

I was just starting lesson 7 (course 1). It starts with “three new words…” that were included at the end of lesson 6(2).

Is this where the new course reverts to the old course? I notice the filename seems to be in the old format (GwersXX.mp3).


I’d imagine that Lesson 7 is from prior to Lesson 6 being replaced by the Lessons 6.

Shwmae Dave
All the lessons in the NEW course will (in the lessons itself) be referred to as ‘challenges’ instead of ‘lessons’ or ‘gwersau’. However, Chris is right where the old lesson 6 was just 1 lesson, before it was split into 2. So the lesson 7 was never changed after the old lesson 6 was split - hence the irregular introduction of words you’ve already been introduced to (although personally I can’t remember this occurring!).
The new course (Known as Level 1 now) is completely different and I believe, in the Northern course, all 25 challenges are available now, whereas the Southern currently only has 12 available challenges.
Hope this helps!

Sorry, let me check I have this right.

I just finished 6(2) from

Should I now move to: (ignoring 7, because it became part of the new 6)

or should I do: anyway, to ensure completeness?

or should I move to:

(which looks odd, because Challenge06 only has one part).


I did the northern one, and it sounds like you are doing southern, but as far as I know you should definitely do lesson 7 of the old Course 1, after doing the lessons with 6 in their name/number, i.e. all parts of lesson 6.

(In the northern version, we actually ended up with lesson 6 in 3 parts. I think the south may only have it in two parts. This may either be because Aran speaks more slowly than Iestyn, or just that we like to be different in the north. :smile: ).

I’d definitely recommend doing the new Level 1 at some point, but I’ll leave it to the experts to suggest when and how you combine it with the old Course 1.

Sorry, yes, the Southern course.

I thought I was doing the new course, until this point. I initially downloaded the course a few years ago, and when taking it up again recently I used my downloaded files at first, then noticed when I downloaded fresh copies from the website they were different from the “gwersX.mp3” course I already had. FWIW I first downloaded the files in late 2011.

But are you saying, Mike, that even that is not new, and I should have started on


It’s up to you. I’d personally do Course 1, because that’s actually finished, and then alternate between the new Level 1 and Course 2. But that’s just me.


You probably know this by now, but you can tell the new Level 1 from the old Course 1 by the introductory music - If there are vocals, it’s the new one.

Even for the old course, if I were coming back to it after a longish period, I think I’d download it all again, rather than use files from 2011, since there may have been the odd correction, and then I’m pretty sure there would be reasonable consistency between lessons 6 and 7 (a little bit of overlap won’t hurt). (But that’s just me :slight_smile: ).

Bearing in mind what Chris says about the southern new Level 1 not yet being complete, I’d tend to agree with him about carrying on and completing (old) Course 1 first. Then maybe intersperse (new) Level 1 and (old) Course 2, as Chris suggests. But just going on to Level 1 after (old) Course 1 would also be an option, and leave Course 2 till later.

My 2011 files are different from what people seem to see as “old course”. ISTR “rhywbeth” wasn’t in my 2011-gwers1, but is in “old course” lesson 1 (Welsh C1 Lesson01 South).

So it seems (to me) that there is older course (my 2011), old course (Course 1), and new course (challenges).

I will carry on with “Course 1” as suggested, though, since that’s what I seem to be on. Thank you, and sorry for the confusion.

I think you’ve got two different things happening here, Dave - 1, minor fixes and changes to Course 1, all of which still come under the general heading of Course 1 - and then the complete rewrite to Level 1, listed separately.

You can go either way, since it’s still early doors for you - but if you stay with Course 1, then yes, 7 is the next step - there’s very little overlap there.

Hi Dave! I shall confirm that there are some miner changes to course 1 southern, because when I first adapted the course for southern Welsh, there were a few differences that I introduced / explained / practices badly, and as the first lessons were recorded and uploaded from a motorhome via MacDonalds in France / a mobile dongle in Italy, I decided to re-record the first lessons with an improvement in order and quality. You will almost definitely notice a drop-off in quality between the new recording of lesson 6(2) and the non re-recorded lesson 7, but you still need to do lesson 7.

If you have already done lesson 6(2) in the old version, and are fairly happy with the material, there is no need to re-download the earlier lessons, because the material is exactly the same.

I hope that helps!

Diolch. Thanks for the clarifications. I will begin lesson 7 on the train home tonight.

Iestyn, I can’t help but hear your voice in my head when reading your comment, as if it’s part of the course.

I hope you’re repeating it in Welsh then. I’ll get Cat to post in Welsh just before you’ve finished repeating… :wink: