New vocabulray

In the second lesson of the third course, at 9:18 there is some unfamiliar vocabulary introduced without explanation.

What time (baith umser?) comes out as “vine ti gloch”. So I’m assuming that “vine ti gloch” is just another way of saying “baith umser”

And Careth (Cyrraedd) is the word for “arrive”

Beth amser…?
Is indeed “what time…”

“Faint o’r gloch…”
Is “what o’clock…”, if you see what I mean. What time, as in what will the time on the clock be.

(Actually, it literally seems to mean “how many of the bell”, but it really means “what time by the clock!”. “What o’clock…” Or, really, just “what time…”
Just two ways of saying the same thing, really. I don’t think there’s an equivalent for the second in English, is there?)

Edit- and yes, cyrraedd is the word for “arrive”.

[Incidentally, if I remember correctly, “clock” is thought of as being derived from the Celtic for bell through French, explaining the coincidental similarity between “o’clock” and “o’r gloch”.]

Ah! That’s clear.

Diolch yn fower!

I think there are some exercises with “faint” in the new Level 1 course, although I could not tell you which lesson offhand… (May not be in the southern version yet, if you do southern).