New videos to help revise patterns - Fideos Nia

Here’s some some short videos created with learners to practise some of the patterns in the coures in a fun way.
This is a trial run!

If anybody would like to be involved in the videos please let me know. Any new ideas welcome :slight_smile:
You can watch the videos in #fideos-nia on Slack.

  • please be patient while I find a way to get them on here

Hi Nia,

I seem to have lost my way since long before Covid. I am still irregularly, muddling along in my own way :roll_eyes:

So, my problems.

I can’t remember how to join slack but think there was an app? (I have had technical problems with my phone and computer too which doesn’t help)

Also, I know the group I used to go to at the Colliers, Llanelli, went on line during Covid but am not aware of what is going on locally now or who is in charge. Possibly Karen??

Can you or anyone else help me get back on track? I have just started repeating the challenges from the beginning again.

Any, help from anyone is very welcome. :blush:

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I’ll try and get them up here asap @annmoore . Thanks for the message.

If you are still paying subscription I assume you could still get involved in group chats and now I’ve started 1-1 quarter of an hour sessions for non confident speakers/ new members or people who simply want to get back on track,
E-mail to get the technical support you need. Pob lwc Ann :smile:

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Thanks Nia, your quarter hour sessions sound perfect for me.
Yes, I am still subscribing and think I am finally ready to try again. Whatever it takes!
I will e-mail later today.

Thank you for the quick reply. I think it’s called, “striking while the iron’s hot!” :rofl:

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I went on Slack and searched for the hashtag #fideos-Nia but nothing came up. Do you have any tips on how to find them pls?

It’s in the SSiW 6/6 Support Slack workspace, @helen-67. If you’re registered in either the 6 Minutes course or the Deep End, you have access to that Slack group.

Go to ‘Channels’ and hover over it to get a ‘+’ sign to the right. Click on that and select ‘Browse Channels’. Look for #fideos-Nia in the list and click ‘Join’ to join the channel.

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Thanks Deborah. I’m not registered in either of those groups so that explains why I can’t see them.

Testing a YouTube link to the first video: Fideo 1 bod - YouTube


Here’s the link to Fideo 2 gwneud - YouTube

And here’s Fideo 3 cael - YouTube


Diolch yn fawr iawn

Just a bit tecnicalities, @Deborah-SSi

As far as I know this software, copying just link into the forum should provide the video to be visible and playable here without clicking on the link. However might be that YouTube’s recent and not so recent changes have influenced the pissibilities of embeding things elswhere outside YouTube also. Worth to try though.

So, no link marks, but just copying the YouTube link itself should do the trick.

Good luck with this and happy and healthy year to all!

Tatjana :slight_smile:

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Diolch @tatjana
Na i drio’r tro nesa :slight_smile:


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Fideo 4 - ‘newydd’

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A new video showing ‘have’ in the possession form in Welsh.


Note that if you’re a member of the 6/6 Support Slack group, you can also view these in a channel there - #fideos-nia. You just need to browse the optional Cnannels and ‘Join’ that one.

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A new Video. The first in a series focusing on questions ??? :thinking: