New Southern stuff

Just to let you all know - there is a listening practice for lesson 1-5, and lesson 12 is now available. More to follow…!

Fabtastic, listening to the listening right now, thanks.

Ardderchog! I will have a listen to these later on! :smiley:

Can you post a link for the listening/practising lesson 1-5 please, thanks

Learn->Level 1 (New!)->5

Thanks Kev.

Yes, the listening practices will all be on the pages of the challenges that they follow. So listening practice for challenges 1-5 is on the challenge 5 page etc.

Fantastic, thanks :slight_smile: I’m plodding on with the old course - up to lesson 14 / 15 ish now but after all the excitement and rapid progress of the new course the old one feels much more like wading through treacle. Still, I’m sticking with it as it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick and better than any other Welsh learning opportunity I currently have access to.

Hooray for all the ongoing work on SSiW :slight_smile:

Are there plans for speaking practices for the new Level 1?

Diolch o flaen llaw.

Are there plans for speaking practices for the new Level 1?

Nope, not currently - because the best way forward with speaking is to be doing the lessons themselves - and if you’ve finished a course and are waiting for new material, to re-visit the last two sessions of the course once a week for a while, then once a fortnight, then once a month…

In terms of shorter blocks of speaking, it would almost certainly be far more beneficial to arrange a five or ten minute weekly chat with someone - but we are also thinking about ways to make the lesson process itself something that you can dip into for shorter periods of time - that’s unlikely to happen until next year, though…:smile:

In Southern Challenge #3, how do you spell “For about a month”?

Am bwyt i mis?

Is there a lesson guide For the new challenges somewhere?

These are even better than the first lessons (But I still like the first ones also).

Thanks for putting them together.


S’mae Don,

I believe it is am biti mis.



I’m not sure that ayone really knows how it’s spelt, Don! I write it “biti” in the transcript for the listening practice after lesson 5, but it depends on the individual speaker how it sounds exactly as well.

It comes from “o bob tu” (on every side of), and can be biti, bwytu, bythdu, bithdu…

Have you heard of this website for Welsh - WISPR?

Welsh and Irish Speech Processing Resources:

Do you think this site is any good?

I don’t know about that site, but I’ve used the Welsh text to speech voices that come with IVONA and they are pretty good.