New S4C drama: Byw Celwydd

Last night I went to the launch of a new political drama, to be screened in the new year on S4C: Byw Celwydd. I’m mentioning it here as I know a lot of people like to watch good-quality Welsh dramas to help with their learning.

It’s a story about the lives of (fictional!) politicians in the Senedd, and the political reporters who cover the story. The main focus is on the characters and their lives, but there’s also a lot of political wheeling and dealing, and other shenanigans. There’s a lot that has been filmed in the Senedd and around the Bay in Cardiff, which looks stunning on screen.

I have to confess a bias (my partner worked on the series), but I really think it deserves to be a huge hit. If you’re on Twitter, there are all sorts of comments from last night’s launch if you search/follow #bywcelwydd (can you tell I don’t really know how Twitter works?!)


Cool! Sounds like a Welsh “Borgen”! :slight_smile:

(So let’s hope BBC4 shows it as well!)

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I kept seeing teasers of this in the adverts last night! I did wonder what it was…

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The producer was very keen to stress last night (at the Q&A) that she wanted to make something that was representative of Wales and relevant to the Welsh people. But yes - it is a similar idea to Borgen. As for BBC4 - yes, that would be amazing. But no Welsh programme has managed it yet… I suppose they say ‘Oh, people in the UK can watch it via the iPlayer’. (Not that I think that’s a good excuse.) In the bar afterwards we were saying that it would be great if it could be sold abroad also - these good-quality dramas with subtitles are becoming more and more popular around the world.


I just happened to find this news item on the S4C website which says a little more about this series:


(Loads more news items there as well which I hadn’t seen, including one about Y Gwyll being commissioned for a 3rd series (although that may have been mentioned here already)).


Just to say we’re really enjoying this, in fact, glued to it😄 I’ve been encouraging friends who have no Welsh to give it a try and it’s looking popular. Thanks v much to S4C for stopping me sayng 's na ddim byd ar y teledu 'to!


I’ve also been watching this too, recording them on Sky+ in case I’m at work.
I’ve done the same for Y Gwyll, Dim Ond Y Gwir, Lan a Lawr, and the new series of Gwaith/Cartref, which starts next Wednesday! :slight_smile:

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It may not surprise some of you if I say I am ‘a political animal’!! I am watching this with a horrible sense of foreboding! Episode 1, I thought, “Why ever have a Tory First Minister?”, now I am thinking, “Oh Lord, we may get a Tory First Minister!” Not that Andrew RT is anything like the one in the programme!!
I watch, but I’m not sure I’m a fan. I would like to think that some politicians actually believe what they say and care for justice, fair treatment, etc…

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I’ve been following this and really enjoying it.

Though I have a keen interest in politics, I’m not drawn towards political drama at all. But this really has me hooked.

It feels very Welsh and familiar, despite me living a rather simple life out in the sticks. I love the pace, the characters are believable and the dialogue is stimulating enough. It’s also not too predictable. I hope it continues to impress.


Hi Catrin!! It’s nice to meet you ‘outside the box’, so to speak. I agree it is good drama. I agree the characters are believable… only too believable in fact. I share a house with a lass who dismisses all politicians as in it for what they can get, likely to lie cheat etc.etc. She would, if she ever saw any of Byw Celwydd, say “See, they are all like that!”. I don’t think most start out like that, I just wish more stayed with good motives!!


Na ni


On the Thread “Sending the Petition” I have posted a note mentioning the BBC’s idea that over 75s pay their License Fee as a voluntary contribution!! if you know any older folk who might prefer to send money to S4C and can afford to, it might be worth ruffling a few feathers by sending e-mails!!

Good idea and think need get it ‘on agenda’ in Wales’. Therefore how about putting it to group 38 degrees who are good at petitioning the wider audience viz outside of Ssiw?

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I have vaguely heard of them. Are they Welsh? Are they OK? Do you have contact details? I have already sent messages to BBC and S4C!!

They kept spamming me about “our NHS” despite me complaining that they really meant “England’s NHS”. Eventually they got the point and apologised, but it took months.


I kept pointing this out to them as well! They have groups of people in various areas, one being Aberystwyth. They contacted me and asked me to distribute NHS leaflets, so I asked for the Welsh version. They said they didn’t have one and didn’t think they would be producing one, so I don’t think they are very Wales-aware.

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Nice article featuring Ffion Dafis:

(who was also interviewed on “Ar Fore Sul” on Radio Cymru this morning).

(what’s not to like? :wink: )

Brilliant! Thanks for sharing, Mike - I read it out to Angharad, and she was grinning from ear to ear at some of the comments!

Found this online, in case anyone (like me) is having trouble keeping track of who is who!

(I couldn’t quite believe that Angharad was played by the same actor who played Beth Kendrick in Rownd a Rownd, but I think it has to be the same one (Cath(erine) Ayers).


The poor Labour chappie doesn’t get a look-in, does he! :wink:

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