New resource for learning Breton online

This website was announced recently. There has been some discussion about it in the Welsh forum, so I’ve moved the comments here.


@kevin-beaverstock not SSi, but did you hear that this was released recently? Breton through the medium of several languages, including French and WELSH!!

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Thanks @Deborah-SSi that looks like a really useful resource. Learning it through the medium of Cymraeg could be interesting!


I looked at the first lesson. All the lessons are in French despite having selected English. Am I missing something?

Wow! That’s so unusual and so cool!
One day, maybe…

No, I was sent that link by a friend recently, but had only had a quick look. I saw that the initial page was shown in various languages, but you’re right. Going further into it, everything is in French. It’s only new, so perhaps they’re intending to translate everything.

Not a big deal. My French is lousy but I have a Translation plugin where I can translate selected text, so, I am making do.

The method is nothing revolutionary, just vocab lists so far. Not a very effective method IMHO. And the audio is obviously done by Francophones. Breton and French Phonologies are very different so it sounds weird to me.

I’m already seeing Welsh with different spellings, e.g. c’hoant, yec’hed,

P.S. You may want to split this into it’s own thread.

I’ve gone over the first couple of lessons. Already, so many Welsh connections. I’ve summarized them in a spreadsheet. Corrections, additions welcome.

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Sorry, but sometimes I really wonder why there are sections of the forum kind of dedicated to other languages if at the end everything is discussed in Welsh section of the forum though.

I don’t mean anything bad, though, just pondering my thoughts out loud. …

I’ve been in touch with one of the developers through a mutual friend, and they are intending to translate everything into all of the mentioned languages, but they are a very small team and it’s a lot of work so they’re not sure when it will be done.

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Hi, Tatjana! Good to see a familiar face after a good few years! :slight_smile:

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Hey Owain! Helo!

I’m happy to see you here again, too.